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Excellent posts on an important, useful and woefully overlooked model. Wilson's A Criminal History Of Mankind certainly fits well with the current reign of kleptocrats.
Cheers for the comment & further data, RabbitDawg. (Incidentally, as you mentioned Daily Grail in ref. to Lachman, I'm a contributing editor there... though not had the pleasure of direct communication with Gary.)
Toggle Commented May 30, 2012 on Atheists and Neuroscience at Paranormalia
Whenever I read a neurologist insisting that the brain is the only thing consciousness can run on, I remember the rare but scientifically validated cases of people with severe hydrocephalic issues who are still nonetheless capable of thought. (Sorry to link to my own blog, but it's quickest source for the data I have: If a man can run ConsciousnessOS (as it were) in a head containing little more than cerebro-spinal fluid and a couple of strands of nerve tissue, the entire basis of neurology should be, according to the declared rules of validation, thrown away & rebuilt from scratch. Yet, this is rarely mentioned by the reductionists, for some reason... probably because it so strongly implies mind is not an epiphenomenon of brain.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2012 on Atheists and Neuroscience at Paranormalia
Any love for PHONOGRAM :The Singles Club?
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