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Civilian participation rate 25-54 ('meat' of the workforce): Civilian Participation rate 55+ (boomers +): The long term trends are blatantly obvious. Not sure how you can try to apply 1950s to now. The relationship is not even close. I excluded the 16-24yr old since they are at series lows. ex. 16-19yr old.
Employment to population ratio includes government workers does it not? Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate would be better if the focus is on the private sector. Regardless the old trends do not follow the new. 16-64 Men no disability: 16-64 Women no disability: 65 and over: Clearly the 16-64 shows a decline coming out of the recession and flatline. 65+ shows a solid growth trend in retiree age employment. If anything, the exact opposite of what you propose is occurring.
I thought this very interesting both in the reactions from Dems as well as what was said by some of the TPers. "let him die" is a very non- christian pro evolution/survival of the fittest stance. I don't think TPers (many which claim christian) and progressives (which many vilify christianity) realize this. It is an exact opposite of their respective views. Biologically speaking, humans have cancelled out many of nature's population controls. We fight hard to save those who would normally be de-selected by nature to survive. This results in 2 problems. 1. Population increase beyond nature holding capacity resulting in damage to the environment. 2. Genetic mutations/medical conditions that would not normally survive not only do so but procreate and pass on the genetic/medical weakness. It is very interesting to see his complete reversal of positions..though I think many have not realized it as such.
NSA deputy resigned today....just the beginning? Wonder how many will quit when they realize the CINC wants to lose the war.
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2009 on McChrystal supports Obama's strategy at BlackFive
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The goal is to make the US a nation of Islam.
So Obama's Aunt can stay but a US Marine's wife and child cannot?!?!?! Letters to both FL Senators pending.
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ooo lookie free music!