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I don't believe any of the sub 9.9 guys are clean. It seems like PEDs are part of an unwritten rule at the top level. People talk about Bolt's height and being able to achieve the same turnover as the other athletes as the reason for his incredible times. What are the biomechanical reasons for Shelly-Ann Fraser running the 3rd fastest time in history, because she is tiny. I remember Ben Johnson saying it's not physically possible to do the training clean as the body would just break after 6 or 7 weeks and then I think about Asafa Powell saying the Brit Simeon Williamson was lazy. Is he lazy or is it the lack of juice in his system that means he can't keep up with the demands of the Jamaican training? My biggest worry now is that Bolt is untouchable i.e. it would cause too much damage to the sport to have him test positive so he will be protected, similar to Carl Lewis in '88.