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I will miss you.
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2013 on Closed for Remodeling... at Innocent Bystander
"Doug Hutchison was the snively guard Percy Whitmore...." In The Green Mile, not The Shawshank Redemption. Nice to see KA-CHUNK again.
Are you going to ditch the Live Oscar Blogging, too ? You do it better than any of the pretenders to your throne.
Gerard Butler is actually a Scotsman. He'd probably be miffed at being called an "Englishman," though I doubt that he'd disagree with the surly assessment. Butler was supposedly up for the role of "Snake Plissken" in the ill-advised remake of "Escape from New York." Kurt Russell thinks (correctly) that a remake is a bad idea.
I really loved what I would assume was the pilot episode that aired last May. I have also added the show to my TiVo "must record" list, along with LOST & 24. RE: Lea Michelle, I think that I'm in lurve.