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Geez, how time flies! So, I decided to look back at my old posts and made myself laugh because of all the discussion on finding an internship. Now it all seems like ages ago. Just to update you all, I had an awesome internship in the Bay Area this past summer, working for a well-known tech company in the investor relations department. I had a blast, because I got to work on many projects and collaborate with several executives. My first year at Anderson really prepared me for the internship, including how to approach a problem, prepare a well-thought/crisp presentation, and present to a room full of people with calm and poise. Things went so well that I got an offer at the company - woohoo! But, like any good pragmatist, I am planning to go through the full-time recruiting process to see what other options are out there. I must say, this year's recruiting turnout is tremendous - I've already lost count of the number of companies recruiting here. Perhaps the recession really IS over or at the least improved. From my previous blogs you saw a taste of the frenetic 1st year life: jam-packed core courses, internship recruiting up to your neck, networking events, and the delicate art of finding time to breathe through all of this madness. And, while you're wondering how you could ever survive the demanding schedule, you are loving every minute of it (or most minutes) because you are busy in a fun way... Continue reading
Posted Sep 25, 2010 at The MBA Student Voice
Hey Everybody! Oh my gosh - how long has it been? Sigh, no I didn't drop off the face of the earth and no the big scary MBA program didn't swallow me alive. I just had to get through first quarter finals, which were a bear! However, I survived relatively unscathed. So, I finished winter break, and it was sooooo fun! Good time to catch up with family and friends in the Bay Area. But it wasn't ALL fun and games. No, our diligent student club put together some DOJs (Day on the Job) for several companies in the Bay Area. A bunch of us visited some awesome companies like Apple, Google, HP, Adobe, Cisco, and on and on and on. Each company gave a presentation about their products and positions and then we got a chance to network with the employees. It was a hectic schedule but very exciting and worthwhile. The DOJ took up a good 3-4 days of my time and after that I headed off to Reno with family. I gave myself a $30 budget and proceeded to lose it all.....but hey, I had a fun time losing it! Now I'm back in LA and have already completed the first week of the second quarter. What have I accomplished so far this quarter you might ask? Well, I participated in a case competition and had a job interview. Not a bad way to start of the new year. I didn't win the competition, but had lots... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2010 at The MBA Student Voice
Hey Everyone, Hope all of you out there in cyberspace are doing well. It is getting harder to come up with a catchy article title - hopefully I didn't disappoint. I have been getting emails from some of you (you really like me, you really really like me! .......sorry, I just had to pull a Sally Field). Okay, what was my point? Ah yes....I have been getting emails about my blog and general questions about the application and MBA environment; I am glad some of you got some use out of this. Feel free to contact about me about anything like the application process or why the heck you should even care about an MBA or whatever else is on your mind. My week has been has been a little less hectic, although I am still writing this blog at 10pm, so not sure what that means. I'm a night owl I guess. I have been spending a lot of time working on my resume these days. The Parker CMC and my lovely ACTgroup have given me some good tips and pretty much inundated me with comments and revisions - but it's all good. It's amazing how much you improve with a little constructive feedback. My resume has gone through three revisions and will be seen another two times before I submit my final version to the career management center. Company recruiting has been picking up lately too. It's getting near that time when we will be applying for upcoming... Continue reading
Posted Oct 28, 2009 at The MBA Student Voice
Hi Everybody! I'm back again for yet another delightful post - okay, I'm a little bit chipper today even though it's 11:37pm and I am catching up on some homework and also writing this blog. Now for those of you who are freaking out as to why I am up so late, let me tell you now that this is not unusual - well not for me. You see, as most of you might have read in my previous posts, I am a little unsure of what my career focus should be. Therefore, I ended up joining a ton of clubs to learn a little bit more about various industries and job functions. So, instead of having some nice quiet afternoons with my books, I've been in one company presentation after another. Don't get me wrong - I have enjoyed each and every meeting and only wish it were humanly possible to attend all of them. But the art to being successful in anything is having a good balance. So today, I decided to forgoe my club events and company meetings in order to catch up on homework. There are still more events to come so I don't think I missed out too much. So, I'm feeling good because I have a better handle on my classes and ALSO because I just finished my ACT group meeting. ACT stands for Anderson Career Teams and is a small group that every student is assigned to based on their interests. I picked... Continue reading
Posted Oct 14, 2009 at The MBA Student Voice