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You could always take a page out of Philip Levine's book and use "you." You unfurl a new net and with your mysterious superhuman remote viewing abilities capture the bright spots in a black hole. Trying to maintain the lexical ambiguity is hard.
Another dumb question: who's doing what here? 捕捉 (at least in Japanese) is a technical term for "acquisition" (e.g., a target, a signal, etc.). Now, I'm just playing a la Derrida here since I'm attempting to translate out of a language I don't really know but can pretty much read (aka post-structuralist poetic license), but I'll also put this out there: I think the poet is playing on a science/magic dichotomy that Arthur C. Clarke once famously pointed out ("all new technology seems like magic at first"), in his choice of words. Network vs. a net, remote sensing (technology) vs. remote viewing (paranormal ability), acquisition vs. getting. I unfurl a new net and with my mysterious superhuman remote viewing abilities acquire the bright spots in a black hole.
Purely out of curiosity, since my Chinese is only as good as my Japanese lets it be, 捕捉 -> "flips on"? By the way, I don't know if you know this poem, but it came to mind. The Dream - Mikhail Lermontov In the midday heat of a valley in Dagestan I lay still, my chest full of lead. Smoke still rose from the deep wound And my blood trickled out in drops. I lay alone on the sand in that valley. The cliff-ledges crowded round, And the sun burnt their yellow peaks And burnt me - but I slept the sleep of death. And I dreamt of an evening feast In my native land, lit by bright fires. Young women, crowned with flowers, Spoke merrily of me. But one sat there lost in thought, Not entering into the cheerful talk, And her young soul was immersed - God knows how - in a melancholy dream. And she dreamt of a valley in Dagestan. A familiar corpse lay in that valley, A blackening wound smoking in its chest, And the blood flowing in a stream that grew cold. Сон - Михаил Лермонтов В полдневный жар в долине Дагестана С свинцом в груди лежал недвижим я; Глубокая еще дымилась рана; По капле кровь точилася моя. Лежал один я на песке долины; Уступы скал теснилися кругом, И солнце жгло их желтые вершины И жгло меня - но спал я мертвым сном. И снился мне сияющий огнями Вечерний пир, в родимой стороне. Меж юных жен, увенчанных цветами, Шел разговор веселый обо мне. Но в разговор веселый не вступая, Сидела там задумчиво одна, И в грустный сон душа ее младая Бог знает чем была погружена; И снилась ей долина Дагестана; Знакомый труп лежал в долине той; В его груди дымясь чернела рана, И кровь лилась хладеющей струей.
This has been around for a while, which is why I don't understand why people keep forgetting the most important element of his name in this context: his middle name! Include the deadly one-handed maiden hologram with "Hussein," aka Husayn bin Ali the martyr, revered by Shia Muslims, and is it any wonder the guy is molly-coddling Iran (aka the Great Satan)? When will Obi Wan Kenobi (=Dick Cheney) come to help us?
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A bit of objectivity can be recaptured with time. I don't know what your schedule is for these videos, or if you have a schedule, but if you can make one and then just put it out of your mind for a couple of weeks, you might be able to see it through more critical eyes when you watch it again. Then you can judge whether or not it's worth posting. On the other hand, I think you can judge from the positive reaction to your videos that you're doing pretty well. I wouldn't worry about it too much. I also wouldn't get so down on your little hater, because remember -- he's the one that's keeping you real. Without a little hater, you turn into a megalomaniac and start producing shit. That little hater keeps you grounded. I know a lot of people who could do worse than to listen to their own little haters every once in a while.
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