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What a treat to be featured on your blog. I'm really looking forward to the unique light festivals in Blackpool and Lancaster. I'm a huge fan of Steve Messam and can't wait to see two versions of 'When the Red Rose'.
Brilliant Kash - so enjoy your style and sharing the info .... hope your liver recovers VERY soon! For my takeaway check out
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Excelletn article Rebel. What is fascinating is the varied responses to Twitter here in England. Soem are embracing it fully, others are very suspicious and a good number of people won't even give it a chance. Which to my mind indicates just how powerful it is. As you say, just look beyond the mundane & plain silly and there are huge benefits for those that want to see. I am currently creating a whole new wayof being as the QuirkyTraveller - the REAL me, and it has all been facilitated by Twitter. See you there :-) Zoe
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2010 on Twisten Carefully at Phoenix Rising
Inspiring post written with flair & panache. What a great concept your series is. I shall recommend it my clients and share your message far and wide. Great women to be collaborating with too Bravo! Zoe x
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Hmmm - why no women? Is that a deliberate choice or simply because you couldn't think of any? Love this idea - great for stimulating thought and discussion. Q - Queen Elizabeth I or II - both inspiring women (OK - a cheat as Q is title but it addresses gender imbalance!) U Thant for U - UN leader. Zoe - Leadership Coach
I so love the photos on this post. They are beautifully shot and really do show the difference between a good photographer - and a truly talented one... oh and the writing is good too! Zoe aka the Quirky Traveller
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Love the low-tech idea and linking it to presentation skills. As an ardent fan of the bed-time story and hating some elements of IT presentations this speaks to the heart. Stories are such a powerful medium to connect with people and you are definitely onto something here Marion. My 12yr old son still asks me to read to him and at present we are revisiting stories of Trebor the Pink (don't ask!) Tractor which I used to make up for him when he was a toddler! Zoe x
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Not only have I enjoyed reading the Blog but also the thought-provoking comments here. As a single Mum I seemed to spend a lot of my son's first 10yrs (he's 12now) fretting about 'getting it right' and always seeming not to be doing any of it as well as I felt I ought to. But that has changed recently as I realised that I would never 'get it right' couldn't possibly have it all and was never very good at balancing anyway! I love what you wrote at the end Marion about not giving up on your dreams and following your heart. My Mum encouraged us to that in a similar way to yours esp as she didn't have much of a great time. The danger can be when we believe we can have it all; we can't and I don't think we ought to. It is maybe in life's very nature that it is a permanent balancing act, but it keeps us on our toes - and if we fall off now and again, well, we learn more that way... I am delighted to be able to comment cos when I read your Twitter #FF article I couldn't find the Comment button last time! Mercie Marion x
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