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Gittan: Glad you found the post helpful. The best time to converse with a Koala is when he is high-as-a-kite after a Eucalyptus munching session. The other two hours of the day he is likely to be a little moody and looking for his next fix. Jess: Thanks for the vote of confidence on my teaching credentials. I've been practicing on the boys while waiting for the "No Cattle Dog Left Behind" act to pass through the house. As for the fuzzy gardening helper... Right Click > Save As and he's all yours :)
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2010 on Australia Day! at Blue Planet Garden Blog
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One workhorse that comes to mind is Sollya heterophylla (Bluebell Creeper) which comes in either blue or white flowered forms. Also take a look at Swainsona galegifolia (Darling Pea) which is constantly in bloom during the summer and is a favourite for bumble bees. UC Santa Cruz released a white flowered form a few years ago that works just as well under Eucalyptus trees as it does in a cottage garden. My number one pick (if you have the room) is Kennedia nigricans (Black Coral Pea). The common name sounds more like a urinary tract infection from the tropics so I prefer to use Tiger Snake Vine. This is a vigorous vine that is happy to either scrabble through the leaf litter of climb up the Eucalyptus. Expect growth out to 20-30' so warn your neighbors.
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2010 on Australia Day! at Blue Planet Garden Blog
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My neighbor (does this count) used to have a lawn, but now they have a garden full of Australian Natives - including one that goes back across the street with a hand full of cuttings. The only time my neighbor used the area was to water the grass and mow. Now that we built her a garden she is out there each morning chatting with the Grevillea's, poking at the Anigozanthos and occasionally hugging the Adenanthos sericeus... secretly now - who hasn't. Hmmm, so far your plan to take over the neighborhood's front yards is going along swimmingly. When you're all done, will you petition the city to change the name to Troy Street?
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Nice look. It's great to see a plant 'flip the bird' to the 100+ degrees of heat and dare to ask for more. How does it feel to walk on with bare feet? Your wish is my command! Just raced outside to do a barefoot test. Definitely soft, but a little sticky - I think because of all the stolons, which shouldn't be a problem once I mow it.
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