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Jen- I wasn't sure if this is where I post the question to be considered by Nunu. Please help...if it is here then here is my question. I've been divorced from an alcoholic husband two and half years now after a 17 year marriage. We have two teenagers and my 16 year old teenage daughter is having difficulties w/her alcoholic father when she's at his home for the weekend. He only sees them every other weekend. I was always the buffer when we all lived together and now I'm not there for them when they visit him. My younger son doesn't seem to be having issues, at the moment. Needless to say that i am worried about them and she seems to want to spend less time w/him. What can I do for them but especially my daughter at this point?
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This article came at the perfect time. Someone I care about has deep rooted anger and needs to acknowledge the anger in order to begin the process of forgiveness. The problem is that the source of his anger is his mother who died of lung cancer. His father first past away of lung cancer when he was 16 and ten years later is mother, also of lung cancer. Both were heavy smokers. His mother continued to smoke even after his father’s passing. I believe this is where the anger is stemming from. He’s passive aggressive and has not dealt w/this issue, AT ALL. And, it is now 15 years since his mother passed. He knows that there is something that he has to deal with. But, when I read this article it was like- Ah, ha, that’s it!! He needs to forgive her in order to move on. The challenge will be how I approach this topic with him. Suggestions?? Thoughts??
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okay- here's a question for the customer roundtable- what does it mean when someone is a light carrier?
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2009 on Customer Roundtable at California Psychics®
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Non-attachment was how I managed to get through my divorce. To accept the things I cannot change and allow the universe/my energy to guide me. Wow- what a great article. Thanks!
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I've never quite believed in soulmates as that "one true person" for you. I believe some of my best friends to be my soulmates. I've always been aware of karmic markers but did not know it by name. As a teenager I was drawn to PC and events always seem to throw us together. Upon graduation we went seperate paths but always felt as though there was unfinished business and certain markers would remind me of PC. Twent four years later he enters my life for a couple of year and is gone again overseas. I often think of him and know that I will somewhere down the line see him again. I think our paths will forever keep crossing.
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