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I emailed Gordon's Herbal Research to inquire as to how long a package takes to get to the USA from New Zealand - that was 2 weeks after I placed my order. In their defense, they DID get back to me saying it took about 3 weeks and to let them know if I didn't get it. Here is their exact answer: ___________________________________________________ Dear Sir/Madam Thank you for your mail. Orders normally take a maximum of 3 working weeks for delivery. Please let us know immediately if you still havent received your order by this time and we will be glad to be of help. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and let us know if you have any further questions Yours Sincerely, Gordons Herbal Customer Services ___________________________________________________ In the middle of the 3rd week waiting period, I discovered the OSM site and upon reading your posts and those of others I had my credit card payment canceled. Then exactly three weeks from the order date, I DID receive the package, and YES it was mailed from Pakistan, like the previous post states, not New Zealand. (I feel Gordon's email response should have informed me that the package was actually coming from Pakistan) After I got the package, I "Googled" Mak International (which is stamped on the mailer, with an address in Pakistan) and I came to the conclusion that it is an intermediary shipping company that Gordon's uses. Anyway, I DID open the mailer (which had on it a ton of identical stamps with this intense looking guy against a beautiful background), and the tiny box with the 90 day supply and an invoice inside... BUT I haven't opened the vacuum sealed bottle! My bottle was labeled SEBETON which is what I ordered (for seborrhea keratosis). I thought about trying to find a chemist to analyze the product but I think I'll just mail it back. The weird thing is that the sort of ominous looking package sat in my PO Box, USPS didn't make me pick it up/sign for it at the window like they do with every little domestic package I get. But this one from Pakistan? No. Go figure.