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Dr J - Have you ever heard of "fire sprinklers"? No high-rise nowdays is built without them (even if not specifically required by code). You can sleep at night now knowing the fire department wont have to worry as much if a new high-rise were to catch fire. The suburbs should be looking at more comprehensive zoning changes to better guide developers who do want to build something in their city. There isn't anything wrong with building higher-density, especially if near a rail line. Height set-backs & other limits can be incorporated to make sure new construction blends well with existing. I actually like downtown Evanston & even Arlington Heights with their high-rise cores, they have more life in them than other suburbs where you never get out of your car and just drive right through enroute to your destination.
OMG, this is sooo exciting ... what did they eat? what were they wearing? who picked up the cheque? ... seriously, why is the trib even wasting space on this junk? sack this hack & save some money, trib.
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I don't like the view of it from the elevated tracks when you're heading to/from downtown between Sedgewick & Armitage stations (a beautiful view of the city). Also, the spire is not insiring at all ... it looks like a big plastic toof pick atop ... but it can always be replaced in the future, maybe they will revisit this down the road. It's not a total failure, but not a huge success either. Too bad no outdoor space was incorporated into the units, inset w/screens like the outdoor room @ the Hancock observatory. I've also noticed the missing panel on the west side of the building (can see from my office), also the sun can indeed be a bit blinding (I've seen in morning from the river & evening from work). One thing to look forward to is more towers to be built around it to screen it a little (like those that have cropped up around Sears & Hancock over the years).
I noticed this recently from my office in the West Loop (Wacker & Lake). It doesn't look like they gave much thought to balance or symmetry. If they put one at each of the 4 corners, it will at least balance it out.