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SAm Ead
Atlanta Ga
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AS you know I had created multiple user interfaces and background animations (which a copy is provided below) as well as testing animations for the objects and the man silhouette (unfortunately though the final material was built on top of this material which left me without a draft to publish here - one of which you might recall as the red silhouette for the walking man, and another is the walking silhouette that cycles through different characters). Old UI: old BGs: Continue reading
“The end condition is determined by the actions.” (DeKoven) While creating ‘Dysphoria’, we team ‘Vignesh Pro Studios’ decided to take the notion provided my DeKoven’s quote to relatively new level. The ambition behind the prototype was to create a setting where the player was not the main character, but they had direct influence on the character’s actions. The game’s design was intended to be a mesh-up between various experiences from other games and the rotoscope feel, primarily introduced in Waking Life. Using no better than Zimmerman’s own words “While every game embodies some kind of conflict, we were drawn towards... Continue reading
My life online is an extension of me, which to the most part is fake and a figment my imagination, which actually, and for once in human history, I am capable of bringing [my imagination] somewhat to life and share with others. MMOGs provide us with such a sense of a second chance, second self, even an alter shot at life itself to a certain extent. I have chosen to compare and contrast ‘World of Warcraft’ (or ‘WOW’ for short), and ‘’ (or ‘There’ for short) with respect to Dibbell, Mnookin, Curtis, Morningstar and Farmer, Pearce (Productive Play, Narrative Environments),... Continue reading
You can find the game prototype at the following link: Continue reading
“Morrowind Elder Scrolls 3” emphasizes gender in its space, representation, and game mechanics in a very particular and intriguing way. Not to digress off of reality, the game was intended for and marketed to the expected regular male age group that are technically considered hard core gamers, yet the game seemed to have broken some very interesting gender boundaries appealing to females of the same age group but were not expected to even enjoy the graphics of the game. In order to preserve the producer’s point of view I would like to quote Fron et al “… we are trying... Continue reading
Imagine “a game that is created by and for the players within a safe digital environment built not to wield authority over them, but to provide an even playing ground in which they themselves are empowered to play; a temporary world that encourages a new, participatory relationship with each other, rather than to a machine.” [Fron] Physical and board games have always had the advantage over digital games in the sense of allowing their users to alter the game rules and regulations as they please. Even though DeKoven states that “games are suspended from reality and have no bearing on... Continue reading
“The goal of a game, we may say, is winning the game“[3]. ­While playing Ninja Turtles on the NES, I dare say, even though I was looking forward to win or beat the game (over and again!), my main purpose was to enjoy my time playing with friends, in one of the few and extravagant multiplayer games of its time. Thus my main motivation to play was always to spend time with friends and to measure how we coped together, in one way or another, which ultimately affected our relationship for the rest of the day if not the entire... Continue reading
It is obvious that women gaining power over time had a great deal of affect on Chess which resulted in the substitution of the Vizier by the Queen. But what caught my attention is the idea that the presence of the Chess-Queen on the board legitimized the presence of women in power. As accepted, the chess board represented the king’s council, and the fact that a female piece was on the board validated female’s authority and influence. Thus, focusing on how the creation of the queen chess piece affect the females in society back then, I conclude that the chess... Continue reading
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Aug 21, 2009