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Carine Mattix
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That is a really cute heading you've got there! All wintery and dream-like.
Toggle Commented Dec 9, 2009 on Boy + Box at Blue Yonder
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We always make our Advent wreath the week-end before that first Sunday. This is how we start our Christmas season. Building and decorating our wreath, in time for that first Sunday. I love the rythm of it all... knowing that it's coming, enjoying it as we are in it. Looking back at it when it's over.
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2009 on Hope at Blue Yonder
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This is not really in line with your current post, but I have meant to ask you this for a few days now. At some point, you talked about updating your boys'online portfolio (I can't remember which post this was in), you mentioned that in passing and I was just curious to know what kind of online tool you use to make their portfolio. At this point I use homeschoolrecording for our kids and they have a portfolio option but I am just not sure what I am supposed to do with it. Just wondering what you are using and whether you like it.
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2009 on Peace Keeping at Blue Yonder
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I love how you write, again and again! This whole crockpot affair is very interesting to me because I never grew up with one (where I come from we have "steam pots" (marmites à vapeur), which does everything quickly, and that's the essential of every cook, but no crockpots). And I would not know what to cook in it or how. So I'll be back to check your tips and recipes and your readers' comment. I'm already thinking that I absolutely need one.
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2009 on Fast, Slow Food, Volume 1 at Blue Yonder
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That's it! You've just inspired me to make some... great great idea. And whatever the kitchen turns out to look like at the end, I promise not to get cranky about it.
Toggle Commented Oct 21, 2009 on Tastes Great, More Filling at Blue Yonder
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That is such a great idea! The surprise, the spur of the moment, the getting away... let us know how it goes!
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I love the fact that within your structured day, you still have a lot of unstructured play time. I like the idea of having Friday as a "social", different day, but I wonder how that plays in accomplishing the whole curriculum, is it hard to fit it all in in 4 days? I go between worrying that we are spending too much time in the classroom to worrying that the kids will not get everything they need to get.
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2009 on The Homeschool Post (Volume 4) at Blue Yonder
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So glad to hear you feel better! We enjoyed rain here as well but not the cooler weather yet...
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2009 on Rain Dance at Blue Yonder
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