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"Nobody understood the price changes - or why the company split - and investors quickly concluded Napster was a company out of control and likely to flame out, ruined by its own tactics in competition with Amazon," Napster? :-) I think you have mixed up Netflix with another media company that lost its way(Rhapsody buying Napster? Why?).
Cash will always have a place in society. There are always certain transactions that people won't want the government to track. Actually, there will always be transactions the government won't want the government to track.
Paypal lost my business because my account got locked. No amount of phone calls or faxes have yet been able to free my $16. Mastercard may have outsourced their call center to India, but I can at least get someone on the phone to talk to. I guess eventually Paypal will have to turn my $16 over to a states unclaimed funds department. Maybe then I can get my money back.
I think Mayor Daley must have been banking on those flying cars finally getting here when he sold off the parking meters.
None of the airlines are profitable. If not for a very aggressive fuel hedging program, Southwest Airlines would not have been profitable for several years now. I'm not sure what can be said about an entire industry that cannot make money Also, American Airlines has never filed for bankruptcy.