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In a world where so many nice moderately priced cameras have all kinds of great automatic assistants -- autofocus, autoexposure, face-detection(!), scene analysis -- I had no idea that anyone would suppose that a Leica M -- which offers hardly any helpers -- would improve her (or his) photographs. But if so, this article would be a useful response. I use my Leica M6 because I already know what I'm doing, and I know what I want. For the kind of picture I want to make -- all the great automation is distracting. I have used some great SLRs and other cameras. For the kinds of picture-making they were designed to make possible, or to make easier, they were very effective tools. And flexible. But for a certain kind of photography, the Leica does a great job of getting out of the way. So that I can concentrate on the spectacle. I could do the same thing with an auto-everything camera (and I have done) but usually it takes all kinds of attention to turning off all the distracting auto stuff to get down to the optical, audio, and mechanical peace and quiet (and I am not referring to the shutter noise only) which an M offers as its normal operation. Over time I have been more relaxed and I have observed, that -- mirabile dictu it shows up in my work. That is a matter of matching the tool to the job. Having an especially really great tool helps, too.