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Jill Booth
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Why? Because I love life, because I don't give up easily, because I am willing to "have a go", to help others, to create, to learn, to other words, to make the best of opportunities that life presents. I am supposed to be retired; retired from what? As a teacher, artist, wife, mother, holiday resort and art gallery owner my "work" has always been my passion and central to my life, so I haven't really retired from anything - just moved to another role or occupation. I am still an artist who loves teaching, a mother and now grandmother, sadly a widow. My occupation, apart from socialising with friends or caring for grandchildren is building websites for myself. The first is about the art of tropical Australia, where I live - and the second is - about an arts festival and arts workshops in Port Douglas North Queensland, which I am coordinating. Part of being a spirited woman, I think, is to inspire others and have them come on the wonderful journeys which beckon. Join me?
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