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Hi Chris. Don't worry, I definitely prefer quality over quantity when it comes to blogs. :) Thankfully, Google Reader is much improved now when it comes to doing catch-up. That said, most of my blog-reading comes in via Facebook now. Sadly, the G9 has not seen much action lately. :( Too fricking tired after work, thanks to meds holding down my immune system. Currently raining prospective parliamentary candidates here in the UK - we go to the polls on May 6th to (hopefully!) vote in a better bunch than the last lot. Bit more interesting this time, as people have finally twigged that there are other choices than just Labour or Conservative - both are rattled, and a hung parliament and the prospect of a coalition government are a distinct possibility. Me? I'll just be happy if most people get off their arse and cast their vote. And if we get an MP who represents us instead of the party...
Toggle Commented Apr 27, 2010 on the magic is in the hole... at APhotoContributor
I've already got big ears... I reckon I'll look like Dumbo by the time I hit retirement age (or rather, what retirement age will be by then, probably 75 knowing my luck). :P We got our cats from the Cat Protection League here in the UK. So many pets get abandoned, or worse... and we're the nation of animal lovers, supposedly. :( My only real resolution for 2010 is to get out and use my G9 every day... even to take shots of trivial stuff. Unfortunately, work situation ain't so good right now, so I'm not going to be moving up to anything else anytime soon.
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2009 on random profanity. at APhotoContributor
Never mind the name... I find that Smugmug's videos don't playback very well, at least on my PC here, with a tendency to restart if you move the mouse pointer over it... sucks, because that is what the guys over at Photofocus use for their tutorial videos... :P Watched the Laforet film... meh. Looks pretty, but I think people are getting swept up in the ooh-look-we-can-make-pretty-movies-with-awesome-dof-and-shiznizz wave generated by the arrival of the 5D2 and others... I think videocams will still have a role for a good while yet. Interesting to hear you're going to be writing for a UK photography mag... a lot of dA folks have been getting regular gigs writing for various CG / Photoshop / digital art mags, but I think you're the first person I know from dA doing writing work for a photo mag, unless you know different? Editing in h264? I suppose you could, but I think of h264 as an output format, not an editing / archival format. Again, another case of flavour-of-the-month.
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2009 on hype at APhotoContributor