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A Room With a Bike- Forget the View... Well.. speaking of hospitality or the lack of it... customer experience or the lack of it... I've been on the road alot lately... and its sometimes hard to find time to exercise... and I find it helps me sleep. So in turning over a new leaf- I searched and search on the internet for a room to stay in in SF- and there it was-- the Westin must have heard my request... a room with a bike!!! I especially booked a room at THIS Westin In SF -- the The Westin San Francisco Market Street because-- It had a BIKE IN THE ROOM with a WORKOUT DVD. I thought I had died and gone to heaven... that MAYBE MAYBE someone had heard my request... I got the confirmation in email- it said, Room Amenities- Spinning Cycle And Dvd, Floor To Ceiling Windows, Westin Workout Non-smoking, Heavenly Bed And Bath, Ergonomic Workspace" And then the sad, but real truth came to bear - when I checked in, in person- the hotel had given the BIKE room to someone else. I asked- with the hundreds of rooms you have and the way you advertised the offering on the interent, you can't only have one room with a BIKE? The answer was a sad YES. They suggested next time I call and tell them that I wanted the room with the Bike. I asked -- thinking of that Seinfeild episode where he is standing at the check out counter for a rental car- telling them that he HAD A RESERVATION... Here's the youtube video in case you missed it: I said, "What do you mean I need to call you and remind you I reserved the room with a bike? That's what I did on the internet- I made a reservation for a room with an exercise bike." She said, "Best to call us and remind us so we don't give the room away to someone else." What does a smart woman make for dinner? RESERVATIONS!!! and in this case - I had made a reservation, but it didn't mean anything... So Paul... yes the margin of utility is that part of the customer experience involves the functional reason for the customer's interest in the company. It has a huge impact on the experience. Natalie @drnatalie on Twitter In search of a hotel room with a bike in it-- and means it!