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Congrats on placing in the top 50. This site truly is one of the bright lights in the patent law blogosphere.
This makes me look forward to watching the progression of the Nokia/Apple suit. Does Nokia just hope to pay a few bills, or (as I've heard from one source) is Nokia trying to head off patent litigation against itself by Apple, whose patents Nokia has purportedly infringed?
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Wish I'd been a fly on the wall during the settlement negotiations. Though I can't believe this case made it to court, at least the soap opera was an entertaining diversion in the course of my readings on patent litigation.
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I agree with High Blood Pressure. Seems to me the parties are playing one-upmanship games. In an ideal world, this kind of case would have no place in our legal system. But ego duels seem to rule all fields, and in this case even the court was not immune to the epidemic. Frenkel will just have to pick himself up, dust himself off, and move on. The way I'm going to move on to reading about valid patent litigation.
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While I note the various criticisms of Professor Rai, and I may be preaching to the converted, at least Rai's point regarding the unique suitability of the courts in resolving issues regarding PTO authority is well taken. For more on patent litigation:
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