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I, without being seemingly repetitive, will overwhelmingly agree with you Will, although the problem doesn't seem limited to Twitter. Bots have become a problem on just about every major socializing site these days. I'm sure there has to be a solution somewhere but the originators of these sites seem unwilling to implement them in fears of losing legitimate users in the process. Don't really understand that one but it is a fuck'd up world anyway. The ones I hate the most are the "nude celebrity" bots... don't ask me how they get in as a follower every damn day, I block em and they show up again tomorrow. WTF! Do people actually get off on looking at fake nude celebrity pics? Even if they were real... what the frack! Get a life folks! Thanks for the soundoff Will... you still rock... uh oh and... glad to see my pic didn't end up on your spambot screen LOL
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