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It's funny though, how when a retail slave dishes it back, most of these custy pigs stick their tail between and leave. A few years back I worked in a department store in the mens dept., and women would come in frequently to return obviously worn items that had been washed, with no tag and most of the time no receipt as well, always claiming "Oh, no! It's never been worn. I ripped the tags off and husbeast decided he didn't like it". At that time we had to call a manager for no receipt returns. hahah. She was a crusty old bag, but I loved her because she would do this. Pick up the item like it was covered in anthrax, sniff it and then toss it back at the custy and say "I'm sorry we do not return laundered clothing and I small laundry detergant." And EACH and EVERY time, the custy would leave with an embarrassed look on their face. LOL.
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2010 on Crustys Behaving Badly at Retail Hell Underground
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Our store did one of those XMas things last year... one of the items the TEN year old wanted was a prepaid mobile phone and prepaid cards. I think the mother wanted that for herself. Otherwise, if I was the mother I would slapped my child upside the head if he had asked for that and not allowed them to even put that down.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2009 on Shoe Retail Hell at Retail Hell Underground
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