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Monroe Freedman - there exist people who would literally rather die than break their word, or perjure themselves. I contend that it's not uncommon in people with ridiculously high security clearances, but you'll have to trust me on that. It was part of the stipulated conditions that this was not a mere assumption, but something known beyond reasonable doubt. It's only the combination of stark terror, having fully informed knowledge of what's inevitably going to happen, and medication with psychotropic drugs that render the suspect "suggestible", not in their right mind. An Alford plea would seem to be a solution, but for various reasons - insufficient evidence of guilt, or in a jurisdiction not recognising such a plea - it's untenable. A Nolo Contendere plea might be acceptable.
What is in the best interests of the client though? Hypothetical: A client who has a negligible chance of acquittal. Also "factually innocent". You know that. The DA knows that, and so is offering a very lenient plea-bargain, despite the all but certain chance of conviction. But it will mean the client perjuring themselves, saying they did something they did not, and providing an alibi to the actual perp, possibly allowing them to kill again, and again. Moreover, a guilty plea may preclude later, even post-mortem vindication. The client is utterly terrified, out of their wits, and is being medicated for that. But the client adamantly refuses to foreswear themselves, even at the cost of their own life. You know though that in their unbalanced and medicated state, you may be able to persuade them to plead - even though they'd never do it in their right mind. What is the ethical thing to do?
Just in case you think that these are all one in a million events... 1 in 300 men don't have the usual 46XY chromosomes. Most don't know it, there are no obvious symptoms in many cases. 1 in 60 people don't quite match the norm of 100% F or 100% M, but again, most don't know it. Unless they play competitive sport and fail a "sex test", or go to a fertility clinic to see why they don't seem to be able to get pregnant - or get their partner pregnant. Sometimes not even then, it can take a whole bank of lab tests to detect some conditions. But for about 1 in 1-2000.. it's obvious. Call it 200,000 people in the USA. Enough to cause some interesting legal problems. You see, back in the 1950's, with miscegenation laws in force, in some places "a single drop of African blood" made you black. In others, you had to be at least 1/64 African-American to be considered a Negro. So someone could be Black (and forbidden from marrying a White) in one state, and White (and forbidden from marrying a Black) in another. To that extent, Race, though based on biological realities, was a social construct, much as I hate that phrase because it usually signifies 100% BS. As regards legal sex, the situation is similar today. From the case Littleton vs Prange: “Taking this situation to its logical conclusion, Mrs. Littleton, while in San Antonio, Texas, is a male and has a void marriage; as she travels to Houston, Texas, and enters federal property, she is female and a widow; upon traveling to Kentucky she is female and a widow; but, upon entering Ohio, she is once again male and prohibited from marriage; entering Connecticut, she is again female and may marry; if her travel takes her north to Vermont, she is male and may marry a female; if instead she travels south to New Jersey, she may marry a male.” Sounds pretty much like a "social construct based on biological reality" to me.
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This is going to be a bit long... but please bear with me. I do, though, think it’s… interesting that a person with two X chromosomes, breasts and a uterus could find themselves pregnant and in stirrups, undergoing an abortion, and still object emphatically to any assumptions of femaleness or female pronouns. Here's an example. When I was in second grade, I was sat at a table with other little kids. We were 'special' because we all had gender neutral names. We really didn't understand that... Our table was all boys, but we were the smallest boys in the entire second grade. One of my table mates had micro penis and undescended testicles. All of the bigger boys picked on him incessantly about it. He always played with the girls. All of the bigger boys picked on him for that too. For the entire year his life was hell and he was the most unhappiest boy you ever saw. That summer we were supposed to both get a minor operation to drag out testicles down and tie them off. I was side tracked by other events, so I wasn't there. They opened the boy up, only to find a full set of female reproductive organs. The child was lucky, the doctor sewed everything up and had the child involved in what was to happen. That was 1969, it was unheard of back then to let a child be involved with that kind of decision. 1973 came. His family had moved to our street around 1970. He was terribly shy around us kids who were always hanging out at the house next door but eventually he warmed up to us. In the summer we always got on our bikes to go to the Y nearly every day. He never would go with us, but he did loosen up and became friends with us. One day, we saw him limping around his yard mowing the grass with a bandage on his leg. We asked him about it. They had taken skin from his butt cheek. He showed us what was under the bandage and we saw a real nasty scar. We were kids and kids think scars are cool and ask the most embarrassing questions. Soon we were showing off our scars, but his were just so much more... disturbing. Over the next few weeks we found out that they had taken the skin to make a scrotum for him and that his other scars were to make him more of a boy. We were there when the skin became necrotic and was removed only to have more skin removed from the other butt cheek and stitched in place. We did manage to get him to go to the Y with us. We had great times. Those endless idealism summers were the afternoon is forever. There's always enough grape Kool-Aid for everyone. Gilligan's Island is always on... The end started in August of 1973. On one of those endless afternoons my family moved away.... My friend went in for that one last surgery. Just that last one. There were no CAT or MRI scans. Most of what's known today wasn't know back then. Just a simple surgery for a guy that wanted to grow up to be the first Catholic Priest who pitched for the Oakland A's. Who wanted to be the first one among his friends to touch a girls boob or even kiss her. In other words, a guy. He only had one more surgery, out of nearly a dozen. He was so used to surgery, it was nothing to him. Just another scar among many to show off on a Saturday. The doctor cut in to him, looked around for the two shy testicles... only to find a complete female reproductive system lying in wait. The doctor did what any doctor of that time would do. He removed the faux scrotum that covered sealed tissues that were in fact fused labia. He removed the phallus that needed 4 or 5 surgeries and 7 years of aggressive testosterone treatments to make it grow proud. Another surgery to move a vein from his leg so he could pee standing up... The doctor removed it all and tossed it in the trash because he did what felt right to him. To him, the person lying there was biologically female and shouldn't have anything male about them. So he cut it all away. My friend went in, laid down thinking that this was the last painful surgery and he would be a full man. Only to wake up to a true nightmare. Because losing his hard fought for manhood was only the start. But, losing his manhood was a massive blow. They took him off of testosterone immediately. His body was so used to it, and it also leveled his mood. Another blow. He was forbidden from seeing any of his friends, or going to school, or playing with anything boy like. He couldn't wear pants, only dresses. His close cropped hair, they refused to let it be cut. Without testosterone, the body responded like any 13 year old girl's body does. Breasts started to bud, a menstrual cycle began. The blows to his psyche didn't stop. He couldn't play little league. He couldn't be an altar boy any more. He was an innocent 13 year old boy who went in to surgery to become a man... Only to wake up in a nightmare that wouldn't stop. After all of that, it still didn't stop. It didn't stop with a rape. It didn't stop with a pregnancy. It stopped with suicide. That's the reality. That happens to Intersexed people, some of them. Surgically Created Transsexual. Biological sex is easy to determine, except when it's not. With some people, the issue is fraught. Example - transsexuality. Now I really, really over-simplify here, but "boy brain in girl body" or the reverse captures the essence of it. From Sexual Hormones and the Brain: An Essential Alliance for Sexual Identity and Sexual Orientation Garcia-Falgueras A, Swaab DF Endocr Dev. 2010;17:22-35 The fetal brain develops during the intrauterine period in the male direction through a direct action of testosterone on the developing nerve cells, or in the female direction through the absence of this hormone surge. In this way, our gender identity (the conviction of belonging to the male or female gender) and sexual orientation are programmed or organized into our brain structures when we are still in the womb. However, since sexual differentiation of the genitals takes place in the first two months of pregnancy and sexual differentiation of the brain starts in the second half of pregnancy, these two processes can be influenced independently, which may result in extreme cases in trans-sexuality. This also means that in the event of ambiguous sex at birth, the degree of masculinization of the genitals may not reflect the degree of masculinization of the brain. There is no indication that social environment after birth has an effect on gender identity or sexual orientation. Hence results like this: White matter microstructure in female to male transsexuals before cross-sex hormonal treatment. A diffusion tensor imaging study. - Rametti et al, J Psychiatr Res. 2010 Jun 8. CONCLUSIONS: Our results show that the white matter microstructure pattern in untreated FtM transsexuals is closer to the pattern of subjects who share their gender identity (males) than those who share their biological sex (females). Our results provide evidence for an inherent difference in the brain structure of FtM transsexuals. Now where it gets *really* interesting is (hold on to your hat) 5-alpha-reductase-2 deficiency, 17-beta-hydroxysteroid-degydrogenase-3 deficiency, and partial 3-beta-hydroxysteroid-degydrogenase deficiency. The first two can cause a natural sex change from F to M, the last one from M to F. This will either cause or cure transsexuality. See
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The Army is not a sociological laboratory; to be effective it must be organized and trained according to the principles which will insure success. Experiments to meet the wishes and demands of the champions of every race and creed for the solution of their problems are a danger to efficiency, discipline and morale and would result in ultimate defeat. Col Householder, the day after Pearl Harbor, explaining why other armies had integrated black troops, but the US was different.
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You're being played. Gates doesn't like Gays. The idea is to by conducting what I believe is the 24th study on how to integrate open Gays in the military - and one of the best was the RAND study in 1993 - and having it finish only after the November mid-terms when the Dems are going to get slaughtered - DADT will continue. Obama gets to blame the GOP, the study gets shelved until Obama's successor retires, everyone's happy. There's a window of opportunity here. If Congress can repeal DADT now, but with a clause that states that repeal only starts being implemented in July 2011, then it would be difficult for the repeal to be quashed. But that's the only way it's ever going to happen. Obama doesn't want it. Gates doesn't want it. Heck, Gates doesn't want women to serve.
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P.O Autumn Sandeen is a disabled vet. Her only source of income is her pension, from service-related causes. As such, she's deemed to be on "light duties" rather than retired. Yes, she could lose her pension over this. A Dishnonurable Discharge. Prison time in a military jail. Yes she knows it. It was a conscious decision, an act of civil disobedience, deliberately breaking the law and expecting to be punished for it under the UCMJ, in order to get an unjust law changed. She's not even lesbian. She's transgendered, and they're a group that one in three gays think don't deserve human rights, about the same proportion as the general population. Even after DADT is repealed, the US will still discharge such people. Trans people - trans women in particular - get very, very special treatment in jail. From jailers just like the ones who besmirched the US Army's name by their kinky games at Abu Ghraib. She knows that too. She just felt that it was time someone stood up and was counted, even for a group that by-and-large wouldn't give her the time of day. And for that, she was treated quite differently from the other prisoners. Referred to as "It" etc. She's my friend. I think she's out of her cotton-picking gourd to do this. She knows the risks, in detail, we've covered all the torture-rape-murders of trans and intersexed people that happen in jail. She knows that just reporting a crime as a victim can cause you to end up jailed, and sent home in a box in some jurisdictions, and washington DC is one of them. I know, I'm Intersexed, born with a body neither wholly anatomically male nor female, and we get the same very, very special treatment from prison guards and police. I'd be fine as I don't look different from any other woman, even to an OB/GYN. Until they check my documentation, and find the "boy" birth certificate. Then things could go bad for me in some places. So by all means give her 0/10 for good judgment. 0/10 for wisdom. Maybe even 0/10 for sanity. But give her 10/10 for Integrity, Honour, and Courage.
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You get it. While what sex you are is a separate issue from what sex you're attracted to, it does dictate whether that attraction is homosexual or heterosexual. This can be a problem for those with certain Intersex conditions involving dichogamy - they're pseudohermaphrodites who get some degree of natural sex change, to grossly over-simplify. Rare, but more common than you'd think. 1 in 90 men in the Dominican Republic were born looking like women due to 5ARD. Same with the Sambia tribe in New Guinea. About the same in the city of Jabalia in the Gaza Strip, but from a different syndrome with similar effects, 17BHDD. I think some commenters here would have their heads explode if they saw
Derek Andrew - minor correction here. There are Gay, Lesbian and Bi Trans people, as well as Straight ones. It's got nothing to do with sexual orientation, though most people don't realise that.
Lefties generally, but also far too many people on the Right don’t take matters of National Security seriously. The Job this gal is taking on involves making sure US technology that can be useful for making advanced weaponry – or Furby dolls – doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. It requires absolutely the best possible person for the job, with extensive experience in defence technology, or one day a US city is going to be froth on top of a mushroom cloud. I remind you of her qualifications: "Simpson has more than 30 years of experience in the aerospace and defense industry, most recently serving as Deputy Director in Advanced Technology Development at Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, Arizona. ... She also holds degrees in physics, engineering and business administration along with an extensive flight background. She is a certified flight instructor and test pilot with 20 years of experience." How many Rocket Scientists with 30 years experience in defence areas do you know, who have degrees in both Engineering and Business Administration as well as Physics? Ones who are available right now? I know of one who comes close... another Rocket Scientist with 30 years defence experience. But she's Intersexed in an unusual way, and "transitioned" from looking male to looking female just as Ms Simpson did. The same atypical neurology characteristic of "Harry Benjamin's Syndrome" - Transsexuality - is found in other, similar Intersex conditions you see. It often bestows certain talents, so many end up with multiple degrees and extensive experience in defence-related areas. Professor Lynn Conway, former head of the Defence Strategic Computing Initiative for example. She transitioned some time ago. Or Dr Stephanie Langhoff, Chief Scientist at NASA's Ames Research Centre. She transitioned too. If you are to hire the best people for positions vital to US National Security... you're pretty much guaranteed to get some women who are transsexual. For those that are interested in the neuroscience behind transsexuality, while "female brain in male body" - or the reverse - is a gross over-simplification, it's as true as any sound-byte can be. To go further, I'd have to explain the differences in male and female neurology at the cellular level, the BSTc layer of the hypothalamus, which bits of the brain are affected and which aren't etc etc. None of which is relevant to the issue of National Security.
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Oh dear... the binary explosive was concealed on the upper inside leg. I guess he has to hope that the promise is of 72 raisins, not 72 virgins.
I had no idea the St James Jeans was Islamic, and that Shakespeare was Egyptian. ".. It was, I think, Huxley, who said that six monkeys, set to strum unintelligently on typewriters for millions of millions of years, would be bound in time to write all the books in the British Museum. If we examined the last page which a particular monkey had typed, and found that it had chanced, in its blind strumming, to type a Shakespeare sonnet, we should rightly regard the occurrence as a remarkable accident, but if we looked through all the millions of pages the monkeys had turned off in untold millions of years, we might be sure of finding a Shakespeare sonnet somewhere amongst them, the product of the blind play of chance." - St James Jeans, in The Mysterious Universe, 1930. Actually, it was Eddington, not Huxley. It would of course be incorrect to say that all Islamic "scholarship" consists of nothing but taking credit for other people's works, and getting them wrong in the process. Much of Renaissance Chemistry and Mathematics is based on original works by Medieval Islamic Scientists after all. It's just that we've moved on from then. Islam... not so much. Disregarding the anti-semitism though, there's little here that would be out of place in Free Republic, or many of the more Evangelical conservative websites. The anti-semitism can be found on the more rabid Right Wing sites, but is far more often found on Left-wing ones - even those on the mainstream.
Wait a second.... you go to all of the trouble of blowing up random images of christmas tree decorations for goodness' sake... and shrilly screaming "The ornaments are no accident. They are, like Mao's, a cultural revolution..." and "Do you notice how there were no accidents or mistakes like an image of Ronald Reagan festooned to the tree? How about George Washington, or General George Patton or any of the really exceptional human beings who walked among us that were not of the red variety, but of the red, white and blue schema?" Then when someone else points out (by doing the same silly thing, blowing up random images of the same Christmas Tree) that there is an image of Ronald Reagan, with as backdrop, the "red, white and blue schema" of Old Glory... you take them to task for stupidly "blowing up images".... Ye Gods. Have you nothing better to do? The President is without doubt one of the least competent holders of that office ever, a demagogic Chicago Machine politician so far out of his depth you'd need a bathyscape to find him. There's serious issues with a "reformed health care plan" laden with pork, with almost every positive facet chiselled away, and almost all of the bad things left in... there's a debt that's going up by yet more trillions every week, and an unemployment rate that's setting new records every month.... a Congress where corruption is so endemic that it no longer raises eyebrows.... And you're having conniptions about Christmas Tree Ornaments??? With an "opposition" (I use the word loosely) like this, no wonder the DNC is stealing everything not nailed down, and prising out the nails from everything that is. This blog won a Bronze Webbie as 3rd best conservative blog in the world. I'm very much afraid that it might be. If so, God Help the USA, because the Fox is in the Henhouse, and the Guard Dogs are too busy hysterically barking at the Moon(bats).
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I know that the amount of ignorance about this issue is high. Not many people know about the feminising CAI syndrome (Complete Androgen Insensitivity - basically immunity to the male sex hormones). Not many know about maculinising CAH (Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia), or PMDS (persistant mullerian duct syndrome), or 5ARD or 17BHDD or any of the hundred or more Intersex conditions. I can understand this - people aren't educated about it, because it's about sex, and that's just sooo embarassing. So we try to put the facts before people, so when they say "XY is male, XX is female" we refer them to XY women who have given birth, or XX men who have fathered children. And XXY people too, Kleinfelter syndrome, just to show them that while sex may look like a binary, and the earth look flat, neither is true. What I can't understand is not just the pig-ignorance, it's the sheer venom, malice and spite of some of the SFM - Standard Factory Model commenters. I won't call them Human, as they lack an essential qualification : basic humanity. The ironic thing is that it's likely that at least some of these bigoted commenters may be Intersexed too, and not know it. Some IS conditions are almost asymptomatic, and would only be detectable by a laboratory.
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