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And in the spirit of silencing free speech, youtube disables comments on the video about free speech being silenced in Canada. I know that frequent pot smoking from an early age can short circuit a person's logical processes. Could that be why so many libs can't even follow Coulter's logic, or anyone else's for that matter? She makes a perfectly logical argument, but I'm sure it's lost on liberals. Now all you pot smokers don't jump on me and tell me how you're a member of Mensa, summa cum laude, blah, blah, blah. Just think how much more you could have achieved if you hadn't compromised your vast intellect with weed. I think it should be legal for those with brain capacity to spare. You should have an IQ card, not an ID card. Probably adults over the age of 27 and having verified an IQ of say 135 or higher could safely use the stuff if there's no family history of mental illness. Look at the photograph of the people at that protest, and tell me if you think any of them fit my aforementioned criteria for legal toking.
Pamela, Glenn Beck has said that you and I and everyone else who questions Obama's eligibility under the Constitution are "stupid", "nut jobs", "lunatics", "conspiracy kooks" for even questioning why Obama will not unseal any of his documents. We are just supposed to take it on faith that a known liar is telling the truth about his own legitimacy. Beck is either utterly ignorant on this topic or in on the fix. The eligibility issue is the ONLY issue that can legally and immediately rid us of the nightmare on Pennsylvania well as his co-conspirators in Congress and the administration. As for Hill and Bill not blowing the whistle on His Fraudulency, the "meeting" between Obama and Hillary where she conceded the nomination to him actually took place at the Bilderberg meeting at a resort in Virginia, just outside Washinton, D.C. The same foreign influences who bankrolled Clinton and got him elected decided Obama would better serve their purposes of presiding over the demise of the United States as a capitalist superpower. The Clintons live in a very fragile glass house and are just as vulnerable to exposure as Obama. This vulnerability is necessary for the elites to keep their puppets in check. They make 'em, and they can break 'em.
No Adam, we're not condemning the video. We're condemning the Satanic lies and perversion that gave rise to this cult of murder and mayhem and children committing heinous unnatural acts. Pamela is making people aware of the evidence that the constant din of Islamic propaganda is just that. She's countering the disinformation so that people will have some notion that the "Religion of Peace" is anything but. I think there should be channels devoted to nothing but these videos, of which there are many, and those of the people jumping out of the towers on 9/11, the Americans' charred bodies hanging from the bridge in Fallujah, and before during and after these constant loops of Mohammed's faithful carrying out his edicts, I would have them show all the photos of Barry/Barack Hussein dressed in Islamic garb in his homeland, bowing to the Saudi prince, speaking about his muslim family members, reciting the Muslim evening call to prayer in his "near perfect Arabic" and saying how it's the "prettiest sound on earth." Then people could choose to go to that channel if they wanted a dose of the truth while it was still available and before it starts taking place on every street corner in America.
Ender, you took the words right out of my mouth. Only I don't think she could have had a choice in the matter if he wanted to rape her. Probably what she did that wasn't the muslim way was threaten to tell someone outside the clan what he'd been doing to her. "Where are the feminists?", some have asked. Feminism doesn't seek to protect girls or women, only to destroy families and any remnant of sexual morality. It's another tool of the left to destroy the basic unit of society and thus further undermine freedom, prosperity and independence. They don't give a crap about Rifqa Bary, this girl in Germany, or any of the savagery against women and girls perpetrated by these beasts. All they're good for is to bitch and moan and grieve the murder of Tiller the Baby Killer and talk about the terrorist threat of pro lifers and a woman's right to have her baby's brain sucked out of its head on the way out of the birth canal at full term. They are as much a part of the culture of death as the muslims are. Were this not a fact you wouldn't have to ask the question at the beginning of this paragraph. They care no more about the welfare of women and their children than Barack Obama cares about black Americans.
I hope the Swiss break out those bad ass guns they all have against the savages! I didn't know until recently that the Swiss require all male citizens to undergo military training and to be armed in the event they are called up in defense of the country. They have regular shooting practice and keep their Swiss military rifles at home and at the ready at all times. Go ahead, Khadafi, make their day! Wouldn't it be a riot (pardon the pun) if the historically pacifist Swiss were the first Europeans to man up and kick jihadi ass?
When I hear "Somalia" I instantly replay those horrible scenes from "Black Hawk Down." Think the sequel will be coming to a city near you? I knew without a doubt that that effer who got them in the country was a raghead. Am I prejudiced? Against frickin jihadis? You bet your ass! Does the smuggler still go by his given name and not Mohammed or Abdul? The lying, raghead loving press is of course leaving out the Muslim angle. They've done such a good job shilling for the "Religion of Peace", that 9 out of 10 people who hear this news story will think the smuggler was just a kind hearted do-gooder looking to "help a brotha out." They're thinking of them as "those poor noble Africans that the missionaries are always raising money for." We've got to expose and prosecute the illegal muslim alien in the White House asap. 2012 is too long to wait. The damage he and his fellow muslim infiltrators are doing is too much for the country to withstand much longer. God help us.
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Feb 24, 2010
Will any media type ever ask him what's been learned regarding the murder of his employee, Lt. Quarles Harris, Jr.? He was one of Brennan's security firm employees doing contract work at the State Dept. when they hacked Obama's passport file to destroy any damaging evidence of a foreign passport. He was the key witness in the investigation of the security breach when he was shot to death while sitting in a car on a D.C. street. Brennan's in on this corrupt Communist takeover up to his eyeballs. That's why Obama can never fire him..HE KNOWS TOO MUCH ON THE KENYAN/INDONESIAN FRAUD. Criminals like Obama always surround themselves with other criminals.
Great analysis, as (almost) always, Pamela. In Bayh's case, however, don't you think he's just preserving his OWN political a$$? From what I understand, he comes from a fairly conservative district that will not stand for or forgive his voting with the administration on healthcare or cap and trade, but if he breaks ranks with the fascists (yes, the SOCIALISTS ARE THE FASCISTS) to represent the desires of his constituents, the thugocracy will destroy him utterly and replace him with a fellow traveler to do their bidding. I posit that he and his fellow bus jumpers are just going to wait it out at a rest stop while Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest drive the party bus over the cliff. Your comments on Republicans not seizing the moment, but moving farther left are tragically accurate, which is why I don't understand your acceptance of Palin's intent to campaign for McCain against true conservative J.D. Hayworth in the Arizona primary. Palin's support for the horrid RINO is indicative of her unwillingness to go against the status quo. For many it's very revealing and a deal breaker. The breath of fresh air come to lead the charge in the purge of Washington has itself turned rancid.
What's it gonna take? A suicide bomber at a couple of these events? If the professor or the school fails the students or expels them, Eric Holder and all the U.S. Attorneys will come to the defense of their ( the jihadis') civil rights and make sure the professor is fired and the University president issues a heartfelt apology to the entire Muslim world for having a "zionist pig" on their campus in the first place. I don't think some of you on here realize how utterly screwed we are with one of them in the White House. The infiltration is so far advanced in all of our institutions, even including the insanely suicidal positions of many anti-Israel and anti-Zionist JEWISH groups, that I'm afraid there's nothing to stem this raghead tide. i told the liberal Jews in my family they might as well line up for the cattle cars when they helped elect Barak frickin HUSSEIN Obama. I also called for internment of muslims and the closing of the mosques after 9/11. I was called a racist nutjob, but 13 soldiers at Ft. Hood would still be alive today if that had happened. Also, it would be harder for the muslim girls' families to carry out honor killings and rapes if they were guarded by the (Muslim free) National Guard in the controlled environment of an internment camp.
Timmy's leaving, and he's NEVER coming back!! "LEAVE BARRY ALONE. I MEAN IT"..(checks eyeliner) "I MEAN IT!!!"(sobbing) (Sorry I don't know how to post the Britney Spears' fan hissy fit video here.)
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Feb 8, 2010
Nappie Red, There's a contradiction in your post. You say that the left's ridicule of Palin, which is an Alinsky tactic that all Marxist/Progressives use, only serves to garner more support for her. Then, in the next breath, you tell Pam she should "drop the birther concerns" because they ridicule her/us for that. The left ridiculed Reagan for every position he held and every action he took for the very same reasons. Saul Alinsky's, "Rules for Radicals," is their bible. The fact that a Communist usurper who is Constitutionally ineligible for the Presidency is currently in the White House and in possession of the nuclear codes is the biggest threat to the survival of this Republic since it was founded. You can bitch and moan about his policies all you want, but the one thing that could rid the country of him and his kommissars (czars) tomorrow is for one court to just allow discovery, and allow the plaintiffs to subpeona his birth, school, adoption, passport and social security records. Did you know that licensed private investigators have uncovered 39 different SS numbers for Obama. The one he is using right now was issued to a Connecticut man born in something like 1917. Aside from all that he admits to having dual citizenship at birth which automatically disqualifies him as a Constitutionally eligible 'natural born citizen." Educate yourself on this most crucial issue in the history of the Republic before you tell Pamela to drop it because Chris Matthews or Joy Behar might call her names. They already call us names. It's like trying to appease jihadi terrorists so they'll like us. You'll have to search the web for all the information on this topic, however, because the msm and even Fox have a blackout on all things pertaining to Obama's eligibility or lack thereof.
Timothy, If the thlipper fitth, Ron thould wear it...out of the clothet. Pamela had great responses, if you could have heard them over the mindless carping of the three stooges who so rudely talked over her. She was the soul of self restraint in that she didn't jump across the table and strangle that red headed clown until her eyeballs were bulging as badly as Nancy "Popeye" Pelosi's. Pamela is a gorgeous woman, Timmy, not a prostitute. She's what a beautiful woman looks like, but I understand how you wouldn't recognize that as there are so few of those among the libs. You also have the all too common lib handicap of not knowing shit from shinola. Go on back to the Huffpo now Timmy Tattle tale and tell all the muzzie pervs over there about how mean we are over here.
Pamela, You're lucky prissy ass Ron didn't bitch slap you. Just like that fagala to threaten a woman! Those people must truly believe the rest of America is as stupid as they are in reality (a place they never visit) to criticize Palin as a "gaff machine" in the same week that Obama calls a corpsman "corpse man" 3 times in the same speech. Oh, and " she's so stupid she has to refer to notes on her hand", when the whole world knows 0 can't say hello without reading it off his teleprompter. I just wish you had said, "At least Sarah can pronounce her notes and isn't 'hooked on phonics'." I bet Sarah also knows there aren't 57 states in the Union. Did you see Orly Taitz when she went on Behar? Joy was her usual ignorant bitch self and Orly smiled through the entire ordeal and still managed to show Joy up for the idiot she is. When that stupid tool has brilliant conservative women on the show like you and Orly, I bet she has to take 2 xanax at the next break just to regain her composure and smug sense of superiority. After your appearance, she and that flamer, Ron, probably needed a triple dose.
And I mean M-Effers literally , since that's one of your religious traditions, you bestial savages.
Allah=Satan." Sign up if you're a child of Satan who hates Jews." Now come cut my head off,raghead M-Effers.
Pamela, I RESPECTFULLY disagree with your rationalization of Palin's support for McCain. What you're describing is an act of quid pro quo-compromising principle to repay a political debt. She's not even a candidate yet, and she's already sacrificing conservative principles because she owes political favors to hacks like McCain and Graham? You seem to be justifying her loyalty to McCain over loyalty to conservatism. I'm with Blanco in her desire to see you run for President. You're less of a politician and more of a "mensch" than Palin IMO.
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Yes, but Pamela..How do you get past Palin's campaigning for John McCain in Arizona, when he has a conservative challenger in the primary? She should be championing the efforts to rid the Senate of RINO's and idiots like the detestable McCain who has as much to do with Obama's successful usurpation of the Presidency as anyone. I lost all confidence in Sarah when she signed on to help McCain maintain the status quo in Washington. She's basically agreeing with Obama when he chastised the Supreme Court for finding the Incumbent Protection Act AKA McCain-Feingold to be unconstitutional. McCain's bff in the Senate, Teddy Kennedy is dead, and McCain himself needs to be gone. How can Sarah lead a conservative movement and still hang on to McCain's coattails? I fear she's just another ambitious politician helping the Republican establishment capitalize on the Tea Party Movement and co-opt it.
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Wonder if Lolo Soetoro, young Barry's adoptive Indonesian Muslim father/stepfather, pleasured himself with Barry in their religion's tradition. We know that Barry's mentor in Honolulu, the Communist pornographer and drug dealer Frank Marshall Davis, engaged in pedophilia and homosexuality as well as heterosexual promiscuity. All of this information regarding the perverse sexual practices of Muslim savages makes the sworn affidavit that Larry Sinclair gave the Chicago Police Dept. seem ever more plausible. In it he describes how his demands of Obama's campaign that Obama retract his statement that his drug use ended in college resulted in conversations with Donald Young, the gay choir director at Obama's Trinity Church. Sinclair's statement related that he had a homosexual encounter with Obama in 1999 in Chicago that included Obama procuring cocaine for him (Sinclair) and crack rock which Obama smoked in a crack pipe that he pulled from his pocket. Sinclair did not reveal to the campaign that he had had a homosexual encounter with Obama, just that he had knowledge of his drug use as recently as 1999. When Donald Young contacted Sinclair and identified himself as being with the campaign in the Fall of 2007, he ultimately revealed that he and Obama had been having a long term affair. He asked Sinclair not to go public with the drug revelations, and said that Obama was going to come clean to the press on his drug use. On Christmas Eve of 2007, less than one month after his last conversation with Sinclair, Young was found murdered in his Chicago apartment. Months later, when Sinclair learned of the murder, he gave his sworn affidavit to the Chicago Police, as the homocide investigation was ongoing.
This is the first time I've understood Obama's "all 57 states" gaffe during the campaign. What he had in his hateful rag head were the 57 Islamic states of OIC, where his true loyalties are as deep rooted as Khomeini's, who we all know referred to him as an African muslim. I KNEW the number 57 wasn't something he just made up or misspoke, but not until now did I know there was such a thing as 57 united (in the OIC) ISLAMIC states. Do you think it wasn't a gaffe but a shout out to all his Jihadi bff's? "Soon we'll have been in all 57 states."? Something of an announcement of his plans for a worldwide muzzie arse kissing tour as soon as he usurped the WH? Does he think the whole world is as brain dead as the idiots he "organized" back in Chicago, and that no one would notice he said "57" states? Yeah, right, like we couldn't tell when he was flipping off Hillary on camera. Who shoots the bird to scratch their nose anyway? What a low life shuck and jive thug! Keep throwing the truth at 'em, Pamela. It's like holy water being thrown on the vampires, or better yet, it's like sunshine..reduces the evil ones to ashes. TRUTH WILL ULTIMATELY PREVAIL!!!