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New York, United States
hi i'm layla. filipino. Zachary Quinto fan :). and by the way, my twitter is shlayla
Interests: heroes, facebook, cross country, writing, photography, soccer, twitter, winter track, spring track, and volleyball.
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Sep 30, 2009
thanks so much, i hope they'll be okay too.
hey everyone, sorry i haven't been on in awhile. school work and cross country have been taking over lately. and the flood back home/the Philippines is making it much worse. all of my family is there so i've been talking... Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2009 at
Yikes I'm a little late.
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Sep 22, 2009
i thougt it was worth waiting for :). you and grunny? bravo!
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Sep 21, 2009
ONE MINUUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! i'll be on twitter, i cant be checking 43289 websites while Heroes is on.. Continue reading
Posted Sep 21, 2009 at
Heroes in like 14 minutes! i'm on the edge of my couch with my eyes on the television.. just saw Heroes promo! aaaaH! Continue reading
Posted Sep 21, 2009 at
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Sep 21, 2009
i've been waiting for this for a long time! i just got home from practice and took a 15minute shower so i could prepare myself for this! i've been waiting aaallll day, and reminding everyone that Heroes will be on tonight at 8 XD. you have no idea how excited i am.. for realsies.
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i'm following you ^^.. well i'm about to. aha, good luck :D
Hah, yeah it was quite a loong day.. And thanks :), it'll heal eventually.. I'm gonna go get some sleep.. Goodnight :)
@Brie, hmm now I wanna search for that little article or segment. Lol I love his look here :)
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2009 on No title at Zachary Quinto
I think today was one of the most busiest day of my 10th grade year so far.. I did all of the work I missed yesterday but I had a pop quiz in geometry, on everything I missed yesterday,. My... Continue reading
Posted Sep 15, 2009 at Zachary Quinto
Sorry a lot of typos, I'm sure you'll find them, I'm on my itouch and it like auto corrects, it's kinda annoying :/
Well I don't think we do hat in particular but we go on trips to random places to play there, we mostly go because we want a trip so we just play concert music at some random place and then enjoy the rest of the trip haha :). Last year we went to Boston, it was a lot of fun, but this year we're going to Disney!! I'm so excited but it's like $1,000 so I have to save a lot of money and my mom has to work extra hours :/. I'm trying my best to do whatever, and maybe even get a job so u can get extra money haha
I always wanted to play the sax, but I got stuck with the flute. Haha I don't like marching band too much, this is my second year doing it, so another two years to go till I'm done! I like how the band sounds when everyone plays the part right, although it depends on the song. Yeah I like being in the band, by what I don't like so much is the whole attending lessons during school, cause I usually didn't practice XD
ahh.. such a long day everyone! and quite overwhelming too.. i had this marching band clinic that was from i think 9:05 - 2:06.. which means i missed pretty much all but 2 classes in school, and the ones that... Continue reading
Posted Sep 14, 2009 at Zachary Quinto
well, this isn't as unique as everyone else's but my name is a nickname my older sister calls me, but my actual name is Layla.. :D I considered changing my username, but I haven't decided yet
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wow it's cool knowing there are some international fans here ^^.
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5:59PM | Long Island, NY: quiet, relaxing, serene, fresh, scenic
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i was at home watching the news. i literally cried, i love Michael Jackson, he was one of my favorite artists.
Ugh, I won't be on for awhile. School just started and cross country practice is now an hour longer. I guess once I get used to the whole schedule I'll be online. Aside from the weekend. But I'll definately be... Continue reading
Posted Sep 8, 2009 at Zachary Quinto
lmao, that makes 3 of us.
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2009 on No title at Zachary Quinto