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Bob Gourley
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Stewart, I really appreciate your context here and I also appreciate the way you can capture significant meaning in concise phrases. I personally plan on spreading this one around as much as I can: "Companies are quite capable of setting the stage for catastrophes well beyond their ability to remedy." You say a great deal in those few words. Cheers, Bob
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Jan 2, 2010
Jeff I've always valued this post. Now its one I'm recommending to all my CTO friends in the federal space. The Xmas terror attack is going to cause lots of folks to rethink our systems, and, although I'm sure that smart humans can find ways to defeat any systems we throw at this, I'm also certain that we can optimize our systems to do better by following the model you lay out here. Cheers, Bob
John, thanks for the post. And congrats! This is a great memo and many of your thoughts seem to be reflected here.
OK this is just too funny. But Gandolfini is going to need every bit of his artistic talent to switch out of his Soprano character.