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Hi David, Thank you so much for writing this post! I've always felt that as a business professional one requires accountability from one's suppliers and employees, and is accountable to them and to one's clients. I'm proud of this accountability - In Yiddish it's called being a "Mensch". One of the reasons I was originally drawn to web-based marketing was my realization that here, finally, was a marketing platform that was bullsh*t proof in a way that no platform or media ever was before. Web analytics guarantee marketeers are immediately and unequivocally accountable for the strategies they recommend and promote. I think this is "A Good Thing". It should come as no surprise therefore that I've always had a suspicion posts proclaiming: “Social Media Can’t Be Measured”, might be slightly self serving. As in written by social marketeers in need of excuses... At the end of your excellent list you ask: "How do I measure it?". Funnily, about an hour before I ran into your post on the 360i blog, I published a list of a few tools I find helpful for collecting Social Media performance data ( What is the final ROI for Social Media activities? That's up to each and every one of us to figure out according to our goals and investment. I can only hope my list of tools makes the task a tad easier... : ) Cheers, Mike @treepodia
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