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Jeff- Here Here.. Knock them off one by one. Love it. All of us in digital space run into this. I have to remind myself all the time a lot of people are just not up on it like us that live in this space. The good news is they will in time in some small way get it and have that ah-ha moment..
Oh no another new word- Fonters.. I am all about filtering everything using all types of filters- Shared Google Reader cut my blogs by a ton and I feel like I haven't missed anything. Ran them thru Yahoo Pipes too. My groups in Tweetdeck was worked on constantly. Now doing same with Twitter. Use Lazyfeed so I am not in a bubble of thought of my own making- have to find ways to inject up and comers etc...Thanks for another word and now where is the rating system for the best fonter's in the land?
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Thanks for a great post. I have always looked at the big picture and at industries that were more advanced in technology than the ones I was working in or with. I work with the small to midsize businesses and I am watching the big companies that are going to be forced to change because they have a big brand exposure they need to protect and build upon. I am also looking back in history and looking for the examples of the companies that evolved, I wonder how many industry leaders in 09 will lose that position in the next short 5 years? Very interesting and fun times to be engaged in this transformation and change. Again thanks for great post... Steve