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excellent! SO happy for all of you. I am rereading Devils Knot right now.
Sorry I should have included smiley with that last comment :-) Kliph, your stuff is some of the best on this blog. Thanks for the exhaustive research.
great article, but what the heck is "a six pointed Morgen David"?
I jus tmentioned that cause you rattle headed twenty-somethings with your colege rock sensibilities (?) seem to revere that shit.
incidently, not that I like rap or anything, but Straight Outta Compton is considered the premier hiphop album, pretty much defining the movement and it was recorded in... Torrance.
San Pedro, home of the Minutemen. Makes it one fine town in my book.
TOrrance is crappy? people from freakin' New Jersey should watch which towns they call crappy. Just sayin'...