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Sew Craftful
Here I am
Interests: Anything creative in spirit, reading, writing, art, sewing, God and positive energy. These things I love: Being a northerner from a southern family, chow chow, hot foods, cold lemonade, a glass of wine, Gucci, a comfortable home, full gardens, simple living, porches, cashmere coats, faith in God, good music, enlightening conversation, positive people, expressing creativity, thin leather gloves, denim, pencil skirts, demure high heels, sunny weather, walking in the rain, old movies, new thought, design, white shirts, doing things out of the ordinary, the spur of the moment, naturalists, provoking thought, sewing, sewing, sewing, writing, people willing to help others, Christmas Eve, good food, traveling, art, photography, reading, cooking, essential oils, Chanel, vintage jewelry, clothing and accessories, hippy spirits, herbs, natural simple frugal living, making what I can use, family, vintage books, tea, listening to the rain, fairy tales, children stories, illustration, old-time radio, the smell of dirt and hot pavement after a spring or summer rain, living freely and natural personal beauty. These things I do not love: Artificial and false people, pretense, self absorption, selfishness, whining, schedules, fanatics, Sarah P. and Elizabeth H.
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