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Jim Please see the meeting notice I just posted about an upcoming High Speed Rail Meeting on Monday, February 8thwith our City Council. Important to let them know what you think. Also, for more information on HSR, two good websites: concerned citizens group) Coalition on HSR, a Peninsula-based organization that is swiftly growing statewide)
Yes, the HSR project sounds great in concept, which is why the November 2008 bond measure passed. However, anyone that has dug deeper knows that the project is built around a flawed business plan, flawed ridership projections, flawed funding assumptions and the arrogance of a board that thinks they can ram this project down our throats with the cheapest and fastest construction possible. Joe, since “lived” connotes past tense, I am guessing that you no longer live in Burlingame. Perhaps you would feel differently about what suits Burlingame if a 100 ft. wide, 30-ft. high structure, with whining catenary wires was planned to run through your living room. We have become accustomed to people that don’t live in our community telling us what is good for us. Heck, none of the HSR Board members live here and their Peninsula outreach representative lives in Marin. What an irony that HSR is designed to benefit our environment by reducing our dependence on the automobile, yet it is set to destroy some of the most established walkable and bikable communities in California, as it barrels through the Peninsula.
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2009 on Don't Railroad Us Goes Live! at The Burlingame Voice
It would certainly be worth exploring. When I lived in San Francisco, propositions were constantly being overturned by new propositions.
To answer commuter's question, "abusive speeds" refers to the impact on the surrounding environment - in this case, the communities through which HSR will pass. I would like to add that in my opinion, the HSR Authority, is continually dismissive of community concerns, as demonstrated by Kopp's article posted above. While consistently referring to implementing the "will of the California's voters" or the "voter's decision," they fail to mention that even now their plans are intentionally vague to the extent that they are unable to answer the most fundamental questions about their own claims on ridership, profitiability, funding, etc. I contend that in November 2008, voters where duped in their commendable desire to "do the right thing" for our environment and our future. I am by no means a high-speed rail opponent and would love to step out of the security lines at the airport. I find it appalling that whenever we call upon the HSR Authority to do the right thing for our community, we are called names like "tricksters" and "Mischief-makers," as in Kopp's SF Chron piece of August 13th. Let's grow up and treat each other with respect and consideration as we work together on the best outcome for all.