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Brentwood, CA
Growing a family & biz in corn country California, where I live for traditions, holiday celebrations and Sunday dinners.
Interests: reading out loud w/my children, finding moments to indulge in my favorite books (sans kid #1 and kid #2), teaching art at my son's school, mochas in the morning, chocolate anytime, holiday traditions (vday scavenger hunts, thankful cards), traveling near and far w/my hubby & kids, anyday dinners w/our b-town family
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Life is delightful and a gift when we can make choices that make us feel alive and connected to the people around us. Thanks Robin!
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2010 on The Stuff That Never Happened at The Penney Family
No question ... cover #3 is the best for a variety of reasons - including the mom, who is the essential "ingredient" in your book. Best of luck!
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2010 on Vote for your favorite cover...Win the book! at Cake
Too funny, Jamie. My single girl friend calls me each week and the conversation always includes the same question from her, "Have you said 'no' to anyone this week?" My response, "Well ... yes ... maybe not ... okay 'NO!' Now, I said 'no' to you!." Maybe we should start a support group :)
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2010 on The Year of NO! at Silicon Valley Moms Blog
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Mara - Sounds like I'm in good company. We could do a combined post of "bad hair days." Thank goodness for detangler.
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So far, so good w/the behaviorial contract. We're about five days in and she's already earned an extra story tonight! Even better - no morning feuds about clothing choices. :)
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Love the secret agent idea, Misa. Brillant. I might have to add this to my day-of aresnal. Thanks for the darling story and great idea.
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Didn’t you always want to be a flower girl when you were little? Not my 5-year old daughter, who would rather stick a fork in her eye than wear a dress. She’d happily stand next to the bride in her... Continue reading
Posted May 26, 2010 at Silicon Valley Moms Blog
Stacy - I'm right there w/you -- enjoying a Starbuck's coffee, skipping breakfast and eating buttered toast for lunch at 2PM. I wouldn't dare treat my kids w/such little regard. Count me on in the mommy food revolution!
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Thank you for your feedback on FB and kids! I'm starting to think that FB is not an option for a very long time (maybe even HS). Whenever it happens and in whatever form (incl txting), I agree that vigilant monitoring to protect and guide are imperative. Rox & Stacy - I agree. Having access to my kids passwords are seemingly a simple solution to help guide and protect them online. Thanks ladies!
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Good memories of my first date w/my husband - now 17 years ago! Wow.
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Ohhh... the Claremont sounds great. It doesn't lend itself to hot pants, but I do recall they have a ping pong table, which seemed so luxurious ... if there's time to play ping pong, life must be pretty sweet and relaxed!
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I love all the creative ideas. However, my most favorite idea so far ... use the candy to decorate gingerbread houses! Dare I say it? The holidays are here ... so I'm saving the Skittles and M&Ms for rooftop decor :)
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