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Grand Theft Auto IV as notorious of a game as it is, presents one of the best commentaries on modern American society to date, in a highly interactive and free environment. The game revolves around the values of the modern American Dream, bringing about phrases such as, "The money makes decisions, it's the American way" or "I'll do it as long as it pays." It strives to embody the insanity in which our consumer driven capitalistic in every feature it has to offer, as a means to mock "the American way". Brenda Laurel in her book the Utopian Entrepreneur makes... Continue reading
Earthbound was an RPG for the Super Nintendo released around 1994. It remains to be one of the few games that has stuck in my mind for years for a multiplicative of reasons, and upon replaying for this assignment I was awestruck by how amazing the game presented itself to me. This game offers to it's audience, a brilliantly and vividly portrayed world for the audience to explore, which Johan Huizinga states as a core aspect of play: "We found that one of the most important characteristics of was it's spatial separation from ordinary life. A closed space is marked... Continue reading
An Indian queen was distraught over the enmity between her two sons, Talhand and Gav. When she heard Talhand had died in battle, she thought Gav had killed him. The sages of the kingdom, developed the chessboard to recreate the battle, to clearly show the queen the king died from battle fatigue. The king was in "check mate", or more literally "the king was exhausted" [Yalom 5]. This story illustrates the core game mechanic of one of the most universally played games in existence. Furthermore, this story exhibits how this core mechanic, the win condition, is a story all in... Continue reading