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Thank you for the timely tips, Ruth, as my partner and I prepare for four days in London together before he spends four in Paris and I four in Wales.
Toggle Commented May 3, 2012 on Notes from Paris and London at Ruth Reichl
I'm not sure which irks me more: the notion of "campaigns" as a panacea, instead of good old-fashioned one-on-one, in-group affirmation and encouragement around more healthful choices (e.g. using barriers); or "social-sexual networks" which sure sounds like a gussied-up way of round-about stigmatization of certain groups one proposes to reach, then conflating such networks with websites (and mobile phone apps) through which members of such networks engage. An even tougher choice, though, when there's the "good Gay" versus "evil Gay" fable that unfolds by converging the discussion of sex clubs, stimulant abuse, and multiple sex partners at the exclusion of other contributors to infection like misplaced trust, misinformation (no, the HIV test isn't good for 6 months!), and compartmentalization. Honestly, despite almost 30 years of community experience, the narrative around abating HIV transmission has changed little, beyond no longer mentioning hemophiliacs and other recipients of blood-derived medical products. We still speak about populations and the pressures upon them, instead of individuals and the decisions they take based on limited information and the drive to feel physically intimate with another human being or the need to achieve a chemical high. As a culture and as individuals, we sexualize and objectify others freely in words and pictures, then laud chastity and fidelity of any other form of relationship. And we repeat "teach negotiation" as a mantra while scarcely leveraging any manner of social venues --outside of kinky spaces-- to impart these skills to others.... Oh, bugger! More to the point, we seem to have lost the basic ability to claim our sexual pleasures in the midst of our everyday identities, such that casual conversations about sex, much less negotiation, are few and far between. Once upon a time, Queermen made a dent in HIV infection rates on our own; and we will again soon, I hope, by treasuring our own bodies and minds, caring for our brothers as ourselves, claiming our sexual pleasures, and holding those expectations as a social norm once more.
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2010 on AIDS, the gay retro virus at Citizen Crain
From one who recalls the dimensionality of the Sean Bugg who rolled into DC many years ago, congrats on the achievement. Now, just don't get all crazy on us!
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2009 on Hitting the scales at BuggBlog
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