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Anton Sigety
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While reading the past few articles, I could not help thinking about one of my favorite games to play, Little Big Planet. In Little Big Planet, the player navigates through the avant-garde style world by collection prize bubbles, overcoming obstacles, and beating challenges. Some of the greatest aspects of this make it a very gender neutral game. The design team at Media Molecule have found a way to fuse the girl and boy worlds to create an extremely entertaining game while not alienating either gender. One of the most identifiable aspects of the game Little big Planet is the little... Continue reading
Since their creation video games have evolved from late night experiments into one of the highest grossing entertainment business' in the world. Very quickly after the creation of the smash hit Pong video games became a numbers game in and of itself. How to play the entertainment field in order to maximize profits and minimize failure is the game that 'the man' now plays with the game design companies. Thus because the man ultimately controls the games that are developed, the players must take things into their own hands and do as Bernie DeKoven would do, and adapt the game... Continue reading
One of the most thrilling games of my childhood had to be Golden Eye released in 1997 for the Nintendo 64. While the game play by today's standards would be lackluster and sluggish, back in the day, Golden Eye spent more time on the TV screen than any other game. While the single player missions were fun and engaging the real strong point of the game was the four player multi-mode multiplayer maps that were almost not added. Nothing could match the exhilaration of a nightly Golden Eye tournament, staying up until all hours of the night killing your best... Continue reading