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Vision by Proxy (Hosted at Kongregate) 'Vision by Proxy' is a 2D platform game that puts players in the role of a small blue alien that accidentally ends up stranded on Earth. In order to find and repair his spaceship, he goes around a local neighborhood to steal the eyeballs of human characters so that he can look through their perspectives and explore the world. This is a basic, but complete demo of the gameplay mechanics and a simple level. Continue reading
While I did not learn my first lesson in game design during this particular course, having some experience under my belt already, there were a number of core design principles that I was reminded of and a few new ones that I learned. A good deal of time in this course was devoted to working on our final projects, many of which were very ambitious and creative, and all of them had certain elements that were similar. Vision by Proxy is the title of our project, a 2D platformer that has players taking control of a small blue alien, which... Continue reading
Virtual worlds with social interactions have been around for almost as long as the idea of computer games, with even modern day MMOGs carrying on trends and conventions that began in arcahic MUDs. As of relatively lately however, several subgenres of MMOGs have evolved, some of which can arguably be called social and creative tools rather than any game in a traditional sense. For the purpose of comparison then, I'll write about CCP's EVE Online (EVE) which I'm fairly acquainted with aside from getting blown up a number of times, and Second Life (SL), a virtual world chock full of... Continue reading
Team Rose November 2 2009 LCC 4725 POV Design Document POV – A Flash-based game based on perspectives I. Game Overview. Game Concept POV is a platformer game where the player controls a small, oddly-shaped alien that wanders around the level gathering information on the human population. To do this, it sucks out a person's eye in a fairly comical manner and is able to perceive new obstacles and objects. Feature Set 2D levels that scroll vertically and horizontally. The ability to change the level by using other people's eyes. A unique and/or stylish art style that changes with the... Continue reading
Representation of gender in video games is undoubtedly a topic of particular interest in the sphere of Western video game studies. Whether one looks back at classic examples of outrage like Custer's Revenge or modern day cases with Dead or Alive: Extreme Volleyball, the idealization of the male and female genders in video games is especially pronounced and a perhaps problematic trend. However, through my experience in playing video games that originate from outside of the Western civilization, I have found that Japanese video games offer an odd, enigmatic take on gender representation. In particular, I will focus on the... Continue reading
Team Members Andrew Ho - Writing/Team Management Ning Song - Programming Andrew Brausuell - Programming Danielle Arabov - Art Rose Peng - Art Overview Our game focuses on the difference of perception between people. The main character runs through the level collecting eyes and uses them to see the world through that persons perspective. By changing out the eyes, there are drastic changes to the level. If you put in the gardeners eye, the design changes to a painting type of art style. Even though the level itself is the same place, different parts are illuminated and new areas are... Continue reading
In almost any game studies or design class that a student takes these days, there are at least several basic principles and concepts that apply to games. Games are methods of play, they have rules, are interactive and provide challenge to the player(s), to name some of the most basic. With the concept of the game becoming an increasingly scrutinized topic in the last century or so, the creation of games that challenge the traditional elements of games have arisen in a variety of forms, whether they are variations on classic games, an exercise in non-violence or entirely procedural forms... Continue reading
While some icons in video game history such as Super Mario, Pong and Pac-Man can be easily identified by many people, even those who play games infrequently or not at all, a notable title to put in this category is Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft 2: Beyond the Dark Portal, released in 1996. While it was a sequel in the franchise, Warcraft 2 was undoubtedly a major stepping point for the Warcraft world that has led up to the insanely-popular World of Warcraft and expansion packs. Memorable for its graphics, gameplay and sound design to name a few aspects, Warcraft 2 also... Continue reading
In Yalom's Birth of the Chess Queen, chess is often discussed in way of its history, cultural impact and empowerment of women (though often paradoxical, considering the era), one chapter that I found particularly interesting was Chapter 8, Chess and the Cult of Love. While chess had a significant impact on the roles of women once the game found its way to an audience of aristocracy and nobility, it had an equally intriguing hand in the birth of the notion of courtly love and chivalry. Where chess had before been seen as a game to test one's skills at conquest... Continue reading