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I don't know if I'm more appalled at the article or the ignorant people leaving comments... People are asking why these women went to this church? For one, Whalum is a mayoral candidate. Many Memphis citizens have been and should be attending in hopes to see what his platforms are. I, too, visited because I know nothing about him. It is much easier to visit a preacher than any other politician due to their accessibility to the community. Secondly, many of you are saying "Why would someone go to a place where they are not wanted?" Well, that is mind-blowing to me to even wrap my head around such a statement. Who would think that you're not welcome in CHURCH!!! In a place that's supposed to be about love and acceptance regardless of race or circumstance. I have lived in Memphis for 6 years and attended this church on several occasions and I NEVER knew that this church was known for being anti-gay. So, how would 2 people off the street just happen to know that this house of love is not really that? This is humiliating and horrific! And we wonder why the gays don't come to church to be delivered? So, whoremongers, rapists, pedophiles, liars, cheaters can now stand up and church and throw the first stone at others? These members and this pastor can judge now as if they are God? Our black community is in dire straits if this kind of behavior is tolerated!! Lord, please bless each person that reads this post and allow them to love their neighbor as you want us to love and have shown us love. Forgive the ignorant that hurt and wound others in your namesake. Amen.
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