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Anna No, it's not true that Google will discontinue FeedBurner, only the API will stop. BUT it is being discussed online that this may be a first sign that it may stop FeedBurner in the future. Strongly recommend you look at alternatives. I work for Feedblitz and they offer a free service to deliver RSS feeds (like FeedBurner) and a paid service to deliver email. They have awesome help and support unlike FeedBurner who have none. Here's their ebook on how to move your feed Plus they aren't shutting down LOL!
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Jon, Great list - here's my B2B Marketing slant for your readers. Things to consider before jumping into G+ 1. This is NOT for the cautious.....yet 2. Will your customers forgive your early-user mistakes on G+? 3. How much can you spend (time & $) on adding this to your mix? 4. Measurement can wait I think there's a 'cool factor' for being on early. Remember this channel's audience will change fast over the first weeks. And I was DEAD Flattered that I got invited on so quickly - thanks.
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Alex - this is a great record of your achievements. Some questions: 1 - which year did you do this? 2 - what is your current personal best 2k? 3 - are you still rowing? 4 - have you ever tried using Rowperfect or Dynamic Concept 2 instead? I work for and we publish e-books about rowing and training. Would you be interested in having us offer your work on the site? Rebecca Caroe
Thanks for the reminders.... but have you given Linked In permission to contact you for marketing purposes? I think this breaches CAN-Spam regulations. Plus they kinda missed the boat and should have been giving us a lovely surprise GIFT not just a thank you message. how about a month's free premium membership? What about a charming web page of special affiliate offers? I was disappointed and saddened rather than surprised and delighted.
Thanks for sharing this. Gonna check it out for my clients some of whom are across 3 continents - US, Europe and Australasia...
David am i the only communications professional to have spotted your daring typo in the list. 3. Watch for rouge sites.... Rouge means red in French, a type of cheek makeup blusher and the colour your readers' cheeks should be acquiring round about now. Rogue means something completely different. Forget it, I prefer rouge sites... the sound much more powerful. Grin. Rebecca Caroe PS you need to edit the MarComProfessional site cross-posting too.