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I’m not a frequent MMOG player. The one MMOG game I played so far is an online racing game called PopKart. Originally named Crazyracing Kartrider, the game is a hit in Korea and China as well as some Southeast Asian countries. It is currently not officially released in North America. Since it is not as popular and well-known as WOW, I would like to give a brief introduction to those who are not familiar with the game. Popkart is an online multiplayer racing game that has managed to get well over 230 million users playing (although I seriously doubt the... Continue reading
Despite the unfortunate absence from the final presentation, my experience in the project Vision by Proxy is a great one. The game turned out to be a greater game than what I thought it would be when we first start the project. I think the success of the project all own to the diligent work from the members of our small but dynamic team. Our artists are creative and imaginative. Our programmers, which myself is a member of, are diligent and hardworking. Our team manager did a good job in managing the team and guiding it all the way to... Continue reading
Call of Duty 4—Modern Warfare is the fourth episode of the world-acclaimed Call of Duty game series. The game series is well-known for their fine integration of the excitement of first-person shooter games with a great sense of historical authenticity. Unlike its three predecessors that set their stages at various chapters of World War II, the fourth episode of the series moves its stage to modern days with a focus on a war lead by United States and Great Britain on a fictional global terrorist network. Though the game’s setting maybe fictional, it none-the-less achieves exceptional level of realism by... Continue reading
First introduced in early 1970s, the New Games Movement was heavily influenced by the Fluxus ideas of accessibility. The movement incorporates the idea of game designs that are cooperation based, non-competitive and are still fun to play. When the first of the New Games were coming out, it was a time of war and conflict; the American society was greatly disturbed by turmoil both domestically and internationally. Many of the new games were designed to break the traditional competitive mindset of games. Instead, they encourage people to play non-competitively. The games tried to convey the ideal of peace/cooperation and that... Continue reading
The game: Battle City. Year: 1985. Platform: Nintendo Family Computer Battle City is a multilevel shooter game published in 1985 by Namco. In this multi-level game player controls a tank to defend its base from the attacks by enemy tanks. The player completes a level by destroying all enemy tanks. The player loses the game if one of two things happens: if the player's base is destroyed or the player loses all lives. The game has in total 35 levels. In each level players have to navigate through a maze of brick walls and other obstacles in order to shoot... Continue reading
The origin of chess can be traced back to India in the 6th century. As the game evolved with the name of “Chaturanga” and then “Shatranj” around 600 D.C, it was taken up by Persian and later by Arabs through trade and warfare. The examples of some early description of the game from Birth of the Chess Queen show how the game was heavily associated with royalties and nobles of the time. The game is most commonly described to be either invented by royalty--such as in the two stories about the origin of chess from the Book of Kings (Shar-nameb)—or... Continue reading