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mary petruno
not new york state
al children are entitled to child support and never to allow any reasons for annyone to stop, suspend or interfere with to manipulate a parent this is a sick form of child abuse.
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hi john--i somehow found my way here--i and my two daughters are also victims of new york state and its extreme lies of policemen, attorneys failure to represent, violations of constitutional,civil and human rights--errors of law by a judge who verbally abused and threatened me--i have multiple docs of evidence of police and attorney misconduct--we have lived a nightmare--i have no faithe in the justice system of the state of ny or the usa at this time--even the supposed dept of the integrity has ignored us--based upon the fact that i was married to amillionare and never knew it--i was and my children were abused and are still being abused--we cant afford representation--a great attorney could sue ny state-who has exercised jurisdiction after i provided proof of legal action pending in two other states -ok who had declared my husband a legal by order of court non military resident us as legal residents of az---i am simply blown away--as i know this is not legal--i was forced under threat of enjailment--to sign documents and admit to wrongful confessions of contempt--i also have voice recordings from legal aid attorneys stating they were not going to represent me and the other party could do anything-well he did--and the ones to suffer are children who are not allowed child support and other injustices--many say we are f-----, but i will continue to fight alone somewhere someone may listen and help end this act of injustice--by a man ,who is allowed to even misrepresent himself as a high ranking member of the us military--and IS NOT !!! but, is a pornographer who at nearly age 30 did impregnate a teenage girl--funny--he never filed a legal action against me until i had filed for child support,obtained oop,and was nearly complete with my divorce pro se--he never filed for visitation--nothing--claiming after 5 years he "couldnt find us" yet ny state by its threatening me with enjailment and forcefully taking my children to ny state--forced me to their wrongful jurisdiction--i would have found a way to go to the end of the earth for my children--never waiting 5 years--have by their threats avoided our right to a trial whereby i had 12 witnesses waiting to testify to the lies and fraud committed by this individual. i am currently trying to obtain help thru the us senate--i remember this case--ny state will go to any length to lie --even sell a forum it absolutley knows is forum noninconvenience--ny taxpayers dont seem to mind... thx and my irish heritage will not allow me to give up--sure would be great if someone else would take over --i am tired after6 years of being my own attorny and the level of frustration when i know what has been done to us is an outrageous misuse of people in positions of power--the higher court is whom they will have to appeal their case to
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