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I do understand that, but the study clearly creates the impression that people who are fans on Facebook have a value to a brand. I just think that the equation is reversed. Take a look at what the Ad Contrarian had to say about this topic at The other point I would make is that by focusing online and not looking at the totality of a consumers experience, we're missing great business opportunities. How many brands are trying to connect fans at their retail location? Very few. I'm not suggesting that FB and other SM sites don't have value, but their value os more a by-product of someone already being a brand fan.
Hadn't heard about Lokast, thanks for that info!
Rob: Excellent points! You're 100% correct to say that mainly brands think they're about design and they don't get into the deeper issues. One day, maybe brands will talk to companies that can really help drive their business, not just make them prettier. David
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When i had the Brand Experience Lab in Soho, we frequently led clients on retail walkabouts, for them to watch people really interacting with brands. One of the most important things we did was get them out of their category. We found that even if people did get out, they only looked at either themselves or their category, but rarely looked outside their own circle.
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