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@Daniel Holter It's ironic that artists that are willing to embrace the platform the internet has given them and create a fan base on the strength of their own hard work and dedication (not just musical talent) probably don't even need that Big Official Record Deal any more. But those that are clueless or unwilling, who truly need the mass distribution and marketing dollars, are seen as non-starters by the labels. Makes for an interesting landscape going forward...
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Unfortunately, many artists still believe that it will damage their mystique and credibility if they're seen to be too accessible to the general public, especially if they're unknown and trying to build an image. It's not that these musicians can't or won't become a success, as talent is usually recognized at whatever level you place yourself, be that MTV or The Leather Lounge in Winchester, OH. What I don't believe is that they can actually transcend the niche market, and sadly, that rules out making money from their music, too.
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