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YES! I've been with you a long time. Growing up in Canada helped, we never had the illusion that our government and faith were intertwined there. That said, guess what? The government lets you choose how your tax dollars are spent. Give enough to registered non-profits that do something in the field you are interested in and they count that against your taxes. Aside from Social Security we don't pay for anything government funded, it goes to charities instead. Also, Megan, as you know, this issue of child trafficking has broken me for years, which is why we work in source communities for trafficking in Thailand, caring for kids in our homes who are at risk, and working in their communities to eradicate the issues that make the kids there so vulnerable. Wanna lend us some of your energy? ;)
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Oh thank God for those moments that fill us and sustain through the next obstacle course ahead. They are precious.
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Bravo. You said this so well. I really enjoyed how you cut through all of the murky ideas that many wade through and straight to the heart of the matter. It is about our hearts, and it is about learning to be selfless. If we have that firmly in place no one need preach behavior to wives, for it will come naturally and freely from a heart of love.
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