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I like this case study a lot. This same case applied to a recent client situation we've launched. This client and its region had been working for ten years to lure a certain airline company to service their area. We came on board and started a social movement to generate the buzz on the space. The buzz was QUICKLY amplified and the client had over 3,000 community supporters in <3 weeks, generated over $100K in 3 days and nearly $30K in 1.5 hours from a real world pep rally. In addition, they leveraged regional news to cover their story being featured as four headline stories in both print and TV outlets. PLUS they got the attention of the airline company who is now following their social grassroots efforts and personally thanked them for the pep rally. Had this cause not started, they would not been able to realize the "impact" of their supporters.
Very nice. I find that those who are in the trenches, or as you nicely coined, in the "social media weeds" for clients are truly the practitioners while the others are just making a lot of noise. This is the nasty side of the current craze.
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2009 on How To Spot Social Media Snake Oil at Logic+Emotion