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Thanks for sharing. Teaching children to read requires an extra dose of perseverance because the change needs to happen in them. (I imagine teaching anyone - anything - is similar.) Your post brought back memories of the two different ways my children learned to read as we homeschooled. The older child learned easily and required very little creativity on my part to become a "reader". The youngest didn't become a fluent reader until he was 12. The amount of creativity needed to bring him to that point stretched my abilities, my patience, and my belief system. I learned how to persevere, as did he, because I viewed being a fluent reader as essential. Today (he's 20) I still get a thrill when I see him devouring his college text books and "taking a break" to read fiction! Reaping the rewards of perseverance is satisfying! I'm really enjoying your posts on this topic. Thank you.
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