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Wow, Ross, congratulations! Can I have your Wiki Way t-shirt? ;) Looking forward to seeing where you and your gang take SlideShare...
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Agreed. Top-down participation, not just lip service, paired with a grassroots effort from the "bottom," seem to be the most effective approach to changing business processes over time. One thing I'm noticing with clients lately is that the Before and After stories - how we did it the old way vs. how we'll do it with a more social attitude and more social tools - is a good entry point. But, as Be3d states, the "why" needs to go beyond, "it'll make work easier/better/faster/smarter." As a business, what are we able to accomplish with Social that we could NEVER have done before? Inspiration, indeed.
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2010 on Social Business From The Top Down at Logic+Emotion