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Pictures that move? You astonish me, sir!
Wait, Dark Shadows? Now I'm kinda worried.
Are no media safe from this abomination? What's next, interpretive dance?
Good points yes, but the real problem with Ugly Betty was its unsustainable plot escalation. There's only so much over-the-top evil a person can take before you can no longer suspend your disbelief and enjoy the show. Also, character development and growth was often thrown out the window for the sake of plot convenience. Those factors alone were enough for me to stop caring about UB before the second season was half over. I've been wary of the same lack of long-term story planning on Glee and so far they don't seem to be falling into the same trap. Though, I am totally on board about Jane Lynch singing, she's the anti-Glee. Of course, now that I've said that, I'm really curious to see how they pull it off.
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2010 on Glee and The Ugly Betty Problem... at GeekWeek
Obviously, I'm going to suggest Goth, or, more narrowly, Subversive Goth, (designs that seem perfectly mainstream until you take a closer look.) Other ideas... Hmm... How about designs inspired by fairy tales, mythology or vegetables? How about a contest just for doll panel fabrics?
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