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Nice analysis, Gary. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I tend to be in agreement with you - this is going to be a difficult assimilation. If Adobe intends to create a cohesive whole, and not just operate a separate unit, it's not not just Omniture that Adobe will have to integrate into that whole, but the handful of companies Omniture has acquired over the last few years that still have not been integrated into a cohesive whole within Omniture. This feels a bit like the NetIQ acquisition of Webtrends in 2001. That is - based on a strategy that depends on one *possible* vision of the future. If the synergies turn out not to be as strong as envisioned (as happened with NetIQ/Webtrends) and Adobe loses interest in the business unit, this could be disastrous for Omniture. Ultimately, I think this is just the beginning. There are some very interesting plays to be made in web analytics, and they're based on visions of the future that are different from the one possessed by Adobe and Omniture.