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Thanks for the vid -- loved it, even though I wasn't at the con. Also, I think you need to borrow @scalzi's Mallet of Loving Correction and play some Whac-A-Dick (wait, that doesn't sound right...).
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2012 on Video Q&A Post for Denver Comicon at WWdN: In Exile
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I had a total LOL moment when the "Parrish as Fargo's childhood nemesis" reveal happened. THAT was awesome. Oh, and Yes Please to more naked Zane.
Great post, guys! I'll have to try it. :)
I would have thought that tilapia wouldn't stand up to these chilies, but it does. I found this great recipe on Epicurious and find myself continually going back to it: I tend to just refrigerate the leftover chilies, but freezing is probably safer. :)
You guys are too cute for words... Merry Christmas!
With that amount of alcohol in it, I'm sure it was perfectly safe to drink -- no bugs could live it something so noxious. :) Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, guys!
This was a really great episode. Congrats to all. I think Erica Cerra certainly wins for her acting in this one. Brava! Tore my heart out for her when Jack walked in and it turned out Zane was real. VERY pleased Jack and Allison are being given a chance. VERY pleased Ed Quinn had his shirt off. ;) And it's awesome that Fargo finally grew a pair... we'll have to see if he doesn't overcompensate. I figured you had to bring back T3H EVIL with Beverly... I hate her a lot, but that's what she's there for. Great job, everyone.
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2010 on "The Ex-Files" (408) - Q&A Post at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
Then move over, Dawn! *I'll* sit in Santa's lap! :) Whoo hoo!
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2010 on Jingle Jingle! at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
Magic 8 Ball sez: Signs point to yes.
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You beasts! Just as I've gotten down to my summer not-too-embarrassed-to-be-seen-in-a-tight-tee-shirt shape, you come out with something like this that you KNOW I'm going to have to make immediately. Fortunately I'm out of eggs.
I love quick-cooking collards. I've done this technique (although not this recipe) many times with much success. As my partner Gordon says, you either cook them fast, or cook them long, but not in between. The in-between stages result in stinky and bitter greens which have consistently driven people away from eating this wonderful, nutrient-rich food. While I was in Atlanta last week I had a BBQ chicken burrito that had collard ribbons in it... just delightful!
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2010 on Quick-Sautéed Collard Ribbons at The Bitten Word
Best RFB ever! You and Felicia have such a great rapport. I can't wait to see Guild Season 4. (Hey, that rhymes!) Also: that was totally appropriate bell dingage. Also also: very funny moments in there. Alsø alsø wik: a moose.
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It's like all my geek dreams are coming true... :) *happy dance*
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2010 on Eureka! at WWdN: In Exile
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Having tried to reuse oil in the past, I can say that straining it through a coffee filter is a LOT more work than it sounds. Oil doesn't like passing through a coffee filter, so it takes a really long time. Fortunately, I'm patient, and I don't use oil in large quantities often. :)
If you're interested in photographic dichotomy, you should come here to Washington DC where you can take a picture of the US Capitol and crumbling, ramshackle storefronts inhabited by homeless people all in the same frame. It's depressing and shameful.
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Happy Thanksgiving, guys! I made this dish for our dinner. It turned out okay, although the two of us barely made a dent in it -- plenty of leftovers. It was VERY sage-y, though, and creamy... almost a mousse-like texture. I prefer my veggies with a little more bite, so I think I'll opt for something else next time. I did add your bit of molasses in... the flavors were good.
Sadly, pumpkin has very little flavor. Even roasting, which concentrates flavors, doesn't really put enough oomph into it for me. At that point, it's really still just a vehicle for salt and oil (which isn't a bad thing). Your recipe calls for "sugar pumpkin," and maybe that's the difference. I bet the salad would be nice with the butternut squash instead. :)
Yay! Happy Birthday, Zach! Gordon's a huge peanut butter fan... I might make this for his birthday this year too. :)
I've been reading for a couple years, but now I'm de-lurking to offer my sympathies. You always write such touching stories that I think that you must "feel" very deeply -- not just about your beautiful dog, and your family, but about all things. That's a wonderful characteristic, but so hard sometimes. One of the best parts is that you can feel out loud for those of us who bottle things up, and that kind of sharing brings life. I wore your "How We Roll" t-shirt today in honor of you and Ferris. Thank you for sharing part of her life with us. Be well, chinkle
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