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I can deal with sloppy-but-compelling storytelling; I can deal with having my satisfaction spread out over a period of months. I can't deal with all those things and not knowing when the next part will come. But you can deal with it, and you'll just have to trust that you, and uncounted others, make up a critical mass large enough to keep the author living well enough to make it worth it for the plot to continue unraveling. Look at the works of Terry Pratchett for an example of someone who created characters inhabiting a world large enough to sustain dozens of novels. Look at Lois McMaster Bujold. Look at Robert Henlein. Look at Stephen King. Look at Janet Evanovitch, Look at ... In the end, we like an author more than any single creation. The economics of author discovery might spark themed anthologies again as well. We can like an editor's taste more than a single selection.
Look forward to having a large portion of the news weeklies (from the venerable Newsweek on down) gracing the entries of your death pool before the end of the year. News is being disconnected from paper, disintermediated, as business schools discover PR and advertising models that effectively deliver "buzz" beyond the venerable press release.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2010 on Three dead shelter magazines at Magazine Death Pool
Home is where you hang your head... Wake me up when "Architectural Review goes under.
Toggle Commented Apr 14, 2010 on Three dead shelter magazines at Magazine Death Pool
All ad supported media are in the process of dying. Go look at/listen to PBS/NPR/PRI and Pacifica because they're all that will be left standing in a couple of years. The advertisers are all going to the web because they don't have to scream louder the the next guy who's also trying to hock his schlock but can instead engage in conversations with current and potential customers, show their wares in an unhurried and undisturbed way, can take orders, track orders, track shipments, track customers, track complaints. No the web is not perfect, but its better and that's enough. The internet enables N:M communications which entirely subsumes the 1:N communications capable in mass media. How long do you think people who are sitting on the boards of corporations are going to put up with their corporations (the old customers of the mass media,) wasting their money on renting an extremely expensive megaphone for "Global Village Idiots" when far less money would be much better spent on SEO.