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Agreed with Justin, and I would advance his sentiments: Are these guys fucking serious? Not only are these guys trying to emulate Topspin (weather Topspin is so groundbreaking as to be worthy of emulating, is still subject to debate, below) they've blatantly hijacked some of Topspin's Rogers' rhetoric-read the about section on Ecospin's website- "Ecospin is a technology company". Has Rogers not prefaced so many of his presentations, speeches, diatribes addressing Topspin's cynics and skeptics with that same line? Also, Echospin's logo is a shameless rip of The Orchard. Why brand yourself so similarly to a service that is more mature, more reputable, and not some fad that a major is partnering with for indie cred? What are these companies really doing? Providing ecommerce solutions for music? Different price points ("oooo, you can get the regular CD for $xy, but the limited edition vinyl with photobook is $xyz" Man, this makes me wanna spend!") Providing artists web pages with purchase platforms? Throw some web analytics and metrics into the mix, and really, what else is there? Not to say these aren't useful services, but are they really outside the realm of a major label marketing division. Are these services so groundbreaking that they need to be outsourced to hip startups like Topspin and Echospin? In Universal's case, the value of such a partnership doesn't amount to anything more than a bit of indie PR. Ditto Tunecore.
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